Fence financing

Choosing Price Over Quality

The standard belief is that vinyl fencing outlasts wood by years, right? Not necessarily. If built correctly with the right materials a wood fence can last over 20 years. Add a high quality stain or paint and you get closer to 30+ years, comparative to vinyl.

A fence installed incorrectly with the wrong materials will have an average life expectancy of 5-7 years.

Average lifespan of a wood fence

A fence moves(settles) over time and often is not reinforced properly.

When combined with wind, weather, bad installation and time... Soon your fence will sag, become brittle and break.

Decisions based on price alone result in...

  • Warping and bowing of wood panels
  • Cracked and broken vinyl panels
  • Sagging of gates or sections
  • Nails falling out or rusty poles and parts
  • No guarantee on the product or service
  • Contractors not using wet concrete to install the posts
  • Individuals end up financing their fence... it breaks down... still paying the original price

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