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Find The Love For Your Home Again

Your homes appearance affects you emotionally.

When you arrive at home how do you feel? Does the overall look of your property welcome you or is it a constant reminder that one more thing is out of balance within your life?

The vision of your home cannot be ignored - it is felt when you drive up to your home - it is the essence that welcomes you home everyday.

For good or bad your home's appearance has an influence on how you feel each day.

Others judge you by your properties appearance.

When others view a well kept property they perceive the homeowner places a high priority on keeping their home in immaculate condition. So... what does your property tell others?

  1. This family is either in control or out-of-control of their life
  2. Level of overall responsibility

Besides the emotion, upgrading your home is an investment. Home prices have consistently increased roughly 1/2 a percentage point per year from 1890 to 2008.

If you purchased a home in 1977 for $100,000, in 2009 your home would be worth approximately $165,000.

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