Fence financing

Flaky Contractors

Flaky ContractorFlaky contractors are a reality. A large portion of us have experienced an inexperienced contractor.

"Unreliable contractors and suppliers were our No. 1 priority because it's our #1 complaint"

~ Gary Brown, Director of Consumer Protection

Consumers' top complaints about home improvement contractors were:

  1. Project abandonment
  2. Deposit disputes
  3. Permit issues

As a result, many have gone out of business

Number of fence contractors

Numerous fence contractors are gone because they lack the depth, breadth, education, experience and professionalism to stay in business.

What happens if you hire an unqualified contractor?

Spring 2006, Jared Nelson hired a contractor to build a fence along the southeast side of his property. 3 weeks later he received a notice from his HOA citing two violations. The fence was torn down and rebuilt to specification at Nelson's expense!

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