Fence financing

The Benefits Of Using The Best

Your fence will be installed completely staright and level along almost any terrain. If your fence is wooden it should'nt warp, bow or crack.

Cypress pickets will give you increased water resistance especially with a professionally applied stain.

Wood or vinyl, your gates shouldn't sag and the fence should still look good after 20 years.

Mossy's first fence

Mossy Oak Fence's first fence. 20 years old and still going!

Who cares about Home Owners Association (HOA) requirements?

A contractor who is up to date on YOUR local HOA requirements and takes care of permits saves you from...

  • Liability
  • The overall hassle
  • Cost of the permit
  • Time and research effort
  • Drawing up plans for approval
  • Future headaches when selling your home

You may want a fence contractor because...

  • You don't want to do it yourself - you don't have the time and there are numerous things to consider
  • Buying a fence from a box store could result in disaster - it may not be designed for your terrain, HOA rules, laws and regulations
  • A sturdy, beautiful fence requires professional design, installation and superior materials

Most homeowners don't want or have time to build a high quality fence, and most contractors either don't design, provide superior materials or install correctly...
So where do you go?

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