Fence financing

Time Constraints

The fact is, people are busier than ever!

A 2007 study revealed...

  • There's been a 247% expansion of work hours since 1950
  • People are working more and trying to do more with less time

You simply don't have time for annoyances.

People are busier than ever

According to a fed up customer, their fence contractor Had a NO SHOW 4 times. When they did turn up they built only 75% of the frame using non-galvanized nails that rusted.

The contractor was paid to remove and dispose of the existing fence. To the homeowners horror it had been left on the empty lot behind their house.

They then disappeared Leaving wet dirt on the grass resulting in dead spots.

The following day the homeowner noticed the contractor damaged the sprinkler system and never fixed it or even informed him it had happened.

The contractor was never heard from again!

Another time buster - The "Free" Estimate

  • According to consumer protection, thousands of complaints are received yearly concerning deceptive contractors and their unethical "lowest price" bids
  • These contractors are often unqualified to properly analyze your situation and end up wasting your time and money
  • A study showed, the average project by general contractors was overbid 25%

This is not to say you should be paying for your estimates. But choose no more then 3 well qualified (internet research, recommended by a freind, insured etc) contractors to come out to your property. Just because they are free doesn't mean you should get as many estimates as possible to save money. Do the research upfront to find the best conractors to choose from.

Lazy Contractor

Wrong contractor results in Numerous hours figuring out where the contractor is because they...

  • Haven't finished the job
  • Didn't live up to their promise or warranty
  • Need to make necessary repairs

What else is getting in your way?

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