3 Modern Wood Fence Styles We Love

When you really look around, you’ll start to notice that there are a ton of different fence styles around your neighborhood. While you can also choose vinyl or metal fences, we love the look of modern wooden fences. With a few custom touches, a fence can go from boring to unique and will end up looking more like modern art than a fence! Intrigued? Let’s take a look at three modern wood fence styles that we love here at Mossy Oak Fence:

Why Choose Wood?

The best part about a wooden fence is that they are custom-made! Our fences are not made from pre-built panels that you might find at the big box store. To compliment your home, you can choose from pressure-treated pine, Western red cedar, and cypress, all of which are proven to withstand the elements and prevent mold.

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Wood fences are timeless, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t look modern! Goodbye rustic, hello modern! Let’s talk about some of our favorite modern fence styles:

Vertically Hung Fencing

While vertically hung fencing is the most common design for fencing and the most “traditional,” it can still have a modern style. The clean lines of a vertically hung fence lend well to modern styles and will complement any style of home. You can make a statement with stains and accents. Try a darker or muted stain to make your landscaping, plants, or flowers pop!

Horizontally Hung Fencing

To really get that modern fencing look that you are going for, horizontal planks are the way to go! By choosing a horizontal design, you can create a compact design where the boards are very close together, and you can even create an interesting pattern with staggered horizontal planks. The use of contrasting stains is a great way to get a unique modern look as well.

Unique Designs

If you really want to create an eye-catching modern fence, think beyond horizontal slats, and look towards latticed and geometric designs. Incorporating a geometric pattern into a modern fence design will really stand out!

Truly, any wooden fence can become a modern statement and fit your design aesthetic with a few unique design touches such as dark stain, bold copper or gold metal house numbers, and custom-made craftsmanship.

Make your modern fencing dreams come true with a custom-made wooden fence from the pros at Mossy Oak Fence! We can meet your exact specifications. If you can dream it, we can build it! We’re happy to help design the modern fence that will perfectly accent your home. Call us today! (407) 961-6073