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Our Ultimate Guide To Fence Heights For Your Home

There are so many choices to make when getting a new fence installed, and it becomes more involved than just deciding on the style and your material. You also need to figure out how tall your fence is going to be, and if you want the height to be different between the front, sides, and…

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Do I Need A Permit To Install A Fence Around My House?

In America, everyone should have the right to do with their land as they please, and that includes building a fence to protect their perimeters. But of course, rules exist for a reason, and there are quite a few surrounding the topic of fence installation. So that leaves the question: Do I need a permit…

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Our Complete Vinyl Dust Cap Style Guide

Vinyl dust caps are a great way to top your fence posts for both style and functionality. Without them, your vinyl fence would look much too plain! But what kinds are there to choose from, and which one would be best for you? The professionals at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando present you with this complete…

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