4 Reasons NOT To Install Your Own Fence

“Do it yourself” home projects can be a fun and fulfilling adventure, if you get them right. When DIY’s go wrong, it can cost thousands of dollars and a huge hassle to have them redone professionally. While there are several home improvement projects that are perfect candidates to complete on your own, installing your own fence isn’t one of them. This is a job that should only be left to knowledgeable professionals.

1. Lack of necessary equipment and knowledge

Installing a fence can be very tricky and can only be done with the right equipment and expertise. At a minimum you will need an augur to dig holes and a crimping tool for the fence. The cost of renting these tools alone can be very pricey. Specifically designed for fence installation, you cannot replace these items with tools from your garage, and they should not be handled by anyone who hasn’t been trained to use them. You run the risk of damaging your property, ruining expensive materials, and potentially endangering yourself.

2. Post setting

This is the most common DIY fence installation mistake. If the fence post holes themselves are not dug properly, the fence won’t line up straight and will be weaker and more susceptible to storm damage. The same goes for concrete. The quick-drying concrete you pour into the fence post holes is a crucial ingredient for a durable, long-lasting fence. Though it can be mixed up wrong, to the untrained eye it will seem ok. Without an expert to make sure your posts are anchored in reliable cement, in the right size holes, at the right depth, you cannot be guaranteed that your fence installation is safe, or reliable. Would you trust a homemade fence against Florida hurricane season?

3. Grading and elevation

It is very rare that a property is completely flat. If your yard has a lot of hills and grade variation, your fencing will need to accommodate for that. This requires contouring the fence line to the ground, which is extremely difficult

4. Property lines and permit’s

Just a few inches over your property line and you could have a lawsuit on your hands. Once discovered, your neighbor could demand that you move your fence or even sue you for trespass. When you hire a professional, these common mistakes by homeowners can be avoided. Permits are often necessary for fencing projects and can be confusing and hard to obtain. Your professional installation company will take care of this detail for you before they start the work.

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