5 Benefits of Adding a Residential Gate to Your Fence

Is your fence open for people to come and go at will? Even the most social extroverts value their home privacy, and that’s where residential gates come in. However, gates do more than just hide you behind a veil. Your friends at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando will show you all of the amazing benefits that residential gates have to offer.

1. Added Security

When we talk security, we don’t just mean keeping criminals out. Although gates are a great way to deter anyone from waltzing right into your personal space, gates are also effective in keeping children and pets within their designated area. By controlling who gets to enter and leave your residence, your home becomes a safe place for everyone involved.

2. Looks Fantastic

By the simple act of attaching a gate to your fence, your home will give off a sense of elegance and refinement. Anyone passing by your residence may imagine an even nicer home within its walls. There are many ways to decorate it, too! Greenery and ornaments along the sides add more depth and visual appeal.

3. Save on Insurance

When you reinforce your home with added security, you can ask for a lower insurance rate. Since your house will be less prone to break-ins, your provider will see that you are less likely to need coverage and cut you some slack. So, if you think about it like an investment, the money you put into a residential gate will pay for itself in time through the savings from your home insurance. Talk about a deal!

4. Offers More Privacy

Of course, closing off your fence with a gate will bring more privacy to your yard. There will be less room for passersby to peek inside, especially if you have solid paneling or if you dress your fence with dense shrubbery. And by hiding what you have behind your fence, criminals will be less tempted to break in if they don’t know what they’re aiming for.

5. Increased Property Value

All of the reasons listed above play a role in your home’s overall property value. When potential buyers view your home’s listing, many will gladly pay for the extra perks that they do not need to install themselves. Privacy, security, and aesthetic are all tempting qualities that would make any home worth more.

The Best Residential Gates in Orlando!

If you want to equip your home with the best residential gates in the area, Mossy Oak Fence Orlando is the best place for what you need. Our expansive facility is able to craft any design you can imagine and in any materials. All of our materials are made to be incredibly durable and long-lasting, making it a one-and-done situation. Some of our options include:

  • Single swing
  • Double swing
  • V-track sliding
  • Cantilever
  • Box frame
  • Overhead I-beam gates

Driveway gates, security gates, commercial gates, neighborhood gates, we can literally make the gate of your dreams right here at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando! Call today at (407) 900-2940 for a free estimate.