5 Modern Fencing Design Trends For 2022

The phrase “out with the old and in with the new” definitely applies to fence styles. Trends for 2022 are going modern with an outrageous twist and we are all for it here at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando. We’re excited to show you what’s “in” this year and how we can make your perfect modern fence a reality.

Back to the Stone Age

When it comes to bountiful gardens, people are back to embracing natural beauty. Stacking rocks and bricks welcome the satisfying feel of peace and serenity. This year, people are adding the modern element of symmetry to add more familiarity from today’s civilization. All of these features combined create a unique aesthetic that you’ll never want to take your eyes away from. Our SimTek EcoStone® privacy fence effortlessly provides this outstanding look with less effort and at a lower cost than real stone. We promise you won’t even be able to tell the difference!

Playing With Slats

This is the year we branch away from traditional uniform planks. Modern thinking means testing limits and setting new standards, and the result is wood placement that you wouldn’t have thought of before. The back-to-front method is a prime example of what you can do with a little creative thinking, and it is pure genius. Our shadowbox semi-privacy fences complete this look with considerable fashion. Slats of mismatched thickness is another out-of-the-box idea that’s a fun and quirky way to bring a modern feel to your home. As long as you can imagine it, we will happily take on this custom project.

Unusual Color Choices

Plain white fencing is now a thing of the past! The future is ironically full of dark hues and bright tones with no in-between. Black paint is fantastic for making the greenery in your garden pop while appearing sophisticated. Bright, bold colors are great for people who are more on the quirky side and want nothing more than to bring smiles to those around them. For more ingenuity, try painting horizontal planks a different color than the vertical posts or take on the art of color blocking.

Light it Up

Having a beautiful modern fence is one thing, but seeing it is something else. With the right lighting, your fence will literally glow with brilliance. String lights are easy yet effective, but there are more interesting ways to install lighting if you’re up for a little bit of extra effort. Miniature spotlights can be strategically placed in your garden and pointed up to your fence, or you can be crafty and install hidden bulbs in the fence itself in a way that looks like it was meant to be. No matter how you choose to set up your lights, you can turn your yard into an open-air nightclub.

Mixing Materials

Who says you need an all-wood or an all-vinyl fence? 2022 is truly the year of limitless possibilities, and that includes the mixing of materials to create one-of-a-kind fences. Imagine a wooden fence with metal lattices, or a metal fence with vinyl posts. What does your dream fence look like? If you think it can’t be done, we can most likely do it!

Which of these modern fence trends stand out to you? Let the handy staff at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando know so we can start building! Call us today for a free estimate.