5 Reasons to Install A Fence

If you’re “on the fence” about installing a fence, you can rest assured that installing a fence can instantly add curb appeal to your yard, add security and privacy, and even block out unsightly views. Here are our top five reasons to install a fence on your property!


Privacy from the prying eyes of neighbors is one of the main reasons that people decide to install a fence. Fencing can offer different levels of privacy and can turn your yard from feeling semi-public and exposed to a private oasis for you and your family to enjoy. If you want to enhance your privacy, solid wood fencing or PVC panels are two great options.


The truth is, a fenced property is a lot more difficult for intruders to enter than one that is open. Having a fence on your property not only protects you from intruders coming inside but can also keep your pets and small children safe from harm. While chain link or aluminum fencing is a good option for security purposes, if your main focus is to keep pets or children safe, a picket fence will work nicely.

Marking of Property Lines

If you have a large farm with thousands of acres, or just a small yard, marking your property is imperative. A fence will prevent people from encroaching on your land, however large or small it is. Plus, a fence that marks your property line will help you avoid disputes with neighbors.

If you have renovations in mind, a fence can help you to determine how much space you have left on your land to do so.


Not only can a fence block unsightly views, but it can block out and muffle sounds, especially if you live in a loud area. Plus, fencing can help block wind and make your yard feel more sheltered and cozy. To get the most protection out of your fence, choose a fencing type that is solid such as wood or vinyl.


A beautiful fence can add curb appeal to your property, thus increasing its value! A high-quality fence is always a great investment. Choose a fence that will complement the design of your home, such as a modern wooden fence for a Mid Century Modern home, or an ornate wrought-iron fence for a traditional stately home. The possibilities are endless when it comes to fencing!

Fencing Solutions from Mossy Oak Fence

At Mossy Oak Fence, we can create a custom artisan fence that will fit your design aesthetic, and keep your family safe and sound. Serving the Greater Orlando and Central Florida areas, we are proud to be your choice for custom fence designs and solutions. Have an idea for a custom fence? Give us a call today! (407) 972-0726