5 Reasons to Install Dock and Pier Fencing

Whether you own a lake house near the water or run a commercial business with a pool, adding some fencing around your water source is in the best interest of yourself and any other person walking by. At Mossy Oak Fence Orlando, we’ll show you the benefits of dock and pier fencing and how to go about picking the right material for your fencing.

Preventative Safety Measures

If you own a business that involves any sort of water feature no matter how big or small, from an average-sized pool to the vastness of the ocean, you can protect yourself and your customers by eliminating the possibility of drowning. Your barrier should be able to keep animals, children, elderly people, and anyone who is not able to swim from falling in. Pets and children are especially able to drown even in a shallow body of water due to their small stature.

Impeccable Durability

Some people may choose to use a rope barrier or plastic signs to warn passerby of an off-limits zone, but these methods don’t always work. A rope may lose its structural integrity and plastic signs aren’t always noticeable. By opting in for stronger fencing such as powder-treated aluminum, you’ll never have to worry about rusting or warping due to environmental hazards or the passing of time.

Adds Visual Pizzaz

Another downside to rope barriers and plastic signs is that they can look tacky enough to ruin the aesthetic of your overall property. By installing aluminum or vinyl fencing, you’re not only choosing a lasting investment, but you’ll also be improving the mood of the environment. Black aluminum bars go with any theme and the classic look of vinyl can make any area feel fancy and exclusive.

Increases Property Value

Installing a durable fence for your dock or pier is like making an investment because it boosts the value of the property. This means that no matter how much you end up spending on your fence, you’ll be getting a chunk of it back if you ever plan on putting your real estate up for sale. It’s basically a win-win situation!

Won’t Break the Bank

Although we talk about fencing being a worthy investment, that doesn’t necessarily mean that fencing needs to be expensive enough to be considered an investment. Depending on where you go and which material you choose, fencing is actually quite affordable! This is especially the case with aluminum which is practically a one-time payment that requires little to no maintenance which will save you even more from lack of repair costs.

Where to Get Fencing for Your Dock or Pier

Are you ready to boost your curb appeal and the monetary value of your establishment at an affordable price? Call Mossy Oak Fence Orlando today for a free estimate! Our premium-quality aluminum fences are powder coated so you never have to worry about rusting, fading, or chipping. We also provide the best vinyl fences which are immune to warping, splintering, and fading.