5 Tips for Getting Your Fence Summer-Ready

Summer is just around the corner which means it’s almost time for all kinds of fun backyard parties with friends and family. When tidying up your yard in preparation for visitors or just to have a peaceful place to relax, the state of your fence has a big impact on your environment. Here are five tips for getting your fence summer-ready, courtesy of the kind folk at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando.

1. Upgrade your old fence

Old fences, especially those made of wood, can deteriorate and lose their integrity over time. Aged wood has the potential to build rot and leave you with a fence that can collapse at any moment or grow mold which can attract unwanted pests. Wood fences nowadays (at least the high-quality ones), are pressure-treated which provides protection against warping, cracking, and moisture.

2. Check for any needed upkeep

Most fences require regular upkeep in order to stay in shape and fulfill its duty as an effective barrier for your home. Signs of a fence that needs maintenance or replacement include:

  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Warping
  • Color fade
  • Mold/Moss
  • Rot
  • Leaning

If you see any of these signs on your current fence, it’s usually easier and cheaper to swap it out for a new fence entirely. You could go with a pressure-treated wooden fence to keep up the traditional homey look with the added protection that comes with being pressure-treated, or you can go with an option that requires little to no maintenance whatsoever. Powder-coated aluminum fences are sturdier, look elegant, and leave less room for things to go wrong. Cleaning it is as easy as spraying it with a hose.

3. Remove excess and/or dying foliage around your fence

Leaving unattended greenery around your fence can cause your entire setup to crumble. Shrubbery that becomes too thick can attract bugs that could eat away at your wooden fence, and the decay from dying foliage can transfer onto your fence and spread any diseases that will eat away at its integrity.

4. Add some flair for aesthetic

Want to impress any visitors that may come by for summer barbeques? You can set the scene for your perfect cookout by using a decorated fence as a backdrop. Metal art, mural paintings, light fixtures, and other neat trinkets can be used to give your plain fence more pizazz. Vinyl fences are great for decorating because of their smooth and consistent surface in both structure and color.

5. Accommodate the coming wildlife

Summertime is when animals love to come out and play. If you’re a nature lover, you can make your yard a paradise for wandering animals by attaching certain accommodations to your fence. Birdhouses, feeders, and obstacles are all great ideas for making your yard more inviting for wildlife. Hanging flowerpots is also a great way to encourage butterflies and bees from swinging by if you wish.

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