6 Reasons to Install a Fence Before You Sell Your Home

When selling your home, you know that improvements to the property can boost the overall value and get you more money back. But does that include fencing? Believe it or not, a fence (or lack of a fence) can greatly affect the final listing price and your ability to sell the property in the first place. The experts at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando are here to show you all of the reasons why you should install a fence before you sell your home.

It’s An Investment That Pays for Itself

By installing a brand-new fence before selling your home, it will no doubt raise the value well above what the listing would have been without the upgrade. In fact, it’s possible to get back the money that you spent in its entirety, if not more depending on the situation. In these cases, it’ll be like getting a free fence installation!

Curb Appeal Is Still Important

At first glance, an old and raggedy fence can make a home unappealing enough to deter anyone from wanting anything to do with the property. Plus, an outdated fence doesn’t bode well for what the rest of the house is going to look like on the inside. The omission of a fence can have a similar effect as an exposed home – gives off an uncomfortable feeling that most people would rather avoid. Installing a new fence offers a much more inviting home that people will love to invest in.

It Provides Safety for Pets

For loving pet owners, letting their cute animals roam free outside is an absolute must. That one quality is so valuable to them in a home that the absence of a fence is enough for them to pass up the house altogether. You can accommodate these buyers by installing a brand new fence, but not just any fence will do. A private wooden or vinyl fence with no gaps will keep animals from squeezing through, or a strong aluminum fence will keep larger dogs from chewing through the material.

Privacy Is a Precious Luxury

If the buyer is more of a family person rather than a pet owner, privacy fences are still a strongly desired trait in a home because it allows them to tell their children, “Go play outside” without fear of strangers watching over them. Privacy fences are also ideal for outdoor parties and get-togethers so everyone can feel comfortable and at home while keeping passersby out of the special occasion.

Security Makes for a Happy Home

Feeling safe in your own home is the best feeling, and that’s why buyers will pay more for extra security measures already built in. A good quality fence adds a great deal of protection as your first line of defense against outside dangers. It can deter thieves and robbers, or slow down vehicles that have run off course towards your property. Whatever may happen, a good fence will help you more than if you were to be without one at all.

Home Buyers Love Low Maintenance Options

Imagine having all of the wonderful benefits listed above without needing to lift a single finger. High-quality fences such as pressure-treated wood, powder-coated aluminum, and modern vinyl are all little-to-no maintenance options that any home buyer wouldn’t hesitate to pay extra for. With many of these fences, all it takes is a quick spray of the garden hose to keep it looking clean and fresh.

The Best Fence Installation in Orlando!

At Mossy Oak Fence Orlando, we have all of the best fence options in the area! Give us a call at (407) 900-2940 to ask about our available options and to get a free estimate. We are even capable of creating custom designs for a fence that uniquely matches the home you are looking to sell.