6 Reasons You Need a Pool Fence

So you’ve purchased a home with a pool- let the pool parties begin! Next step is to consider installing a pool safety fence! Fencing around your pool is a great way to ensure your property and loved ones (including your four-legged friends) stay protected while soaking up some sunshine and taking a dip in the pool. However, prior to installing a pool fence, it’s important that you do your research on the laws in your local area. Typically, a pool fence is required by law, local ordinances or insurance companies. As the homeowner, you need to be aware of your local regulations. Keep reading for some important safety benefits of installing a fence perimeter around your pool. 

1. Keeps Your Furry Friends Safe

Many animals, including pets, are drawn to swimming pools due to their resemblance as a source of drinking water. Pool fences establish a barrier of entry and can keep wildlife from drinking poolside and accidentally falling in. Also, it prevents that same danger from happening to your beloved pets.

2. Promotes Children’s Safety

A pool fence protects your children against the risk of drowning and/or falling in. Pools provide great entertainment for kids, but without the supervision of an adult- they can also be deadly. Installing a locking pool fence is a great way to mitigate the chance of anything dangerous happening during playtime.

3. Gives You Peace of Mind

When you’re away from home, the last thing you need to be worrying about is your pool being a potential hazard. Installing a pool fence endows you with the confidence that your property is secure – both for those living on it and those who aren’t.

4. Adds A Polished Look

Despite their functional value, fences also provide a touch of taste and class. Having a high-quality pool fence can add a tremendous amount of aesthetic value to your property (especially depending on the fencing material and color you select). With a plethora of styles available, any backyard fence can give your backyard the upgrade it needed.

5. Keeps Your Personal Items Contained

With heavy winds and downpour during those summer months, your rafts, noodles, pool toys and other belongings can be easily blown away. Fences help to keep your personal items contained within the fenced-in area, so you don’t have to worry about your backyard becoming an extension of the pool area. (Hint – pool fences also double as a great drying rack for all your used towels. Just hang your towels up on the fence and let them air dry without having to track water inside your house as you hunt for towels.

6. Keeps Intruders Away

Just like a castle needs a mote, your humble abode also needs some protection. A pool fence is the perfect place to start! An open-area backyard pool could be an invitation to trespassers looking to use your pool while you’re away (we all know how crazy some Floridians can get) or break into a home with an easy escape route. Having some sort of enclosure mitigates the chances of your house being broken into and your property being trespassed on. 

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