6 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Fence

Deciding to install a fence on your property can be an excellent addition and will instantly add curb appeal and resale value. Fence lines serve various purposes, from blocking the noise to keeping children and small pets contained. A fence built to preserve a lake view will look much different from a privacy fence intended to corral Golden Shepherds. Get a clear vision for your fence project, and you shouldn’t have any troubles. Here are six things you should know before getting a fence.

Identify Why You Want a Fence

Determining the reasoning behind installing a fence on your property is essential to consider, as it will help you narrow down a variety of details once the project gets underway. From needing to keep the kids safe to blocking noise and adding privacy, the purpose of your fence will have a considerable influence on many aesthetic details. There are many different types and styles of fences that serve other purposes, and identifying what the fence is for will help you make the best decision for your property.

Calculate Your Budget

There are always unexpected costs that arise with major home improvement projects, and that is why having a budget is a good idea. This will help keep the project focused from the beginning until the end. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to a budget, feel free to contact your local professionals. We are always here to help and build free estimates for homeowners.


Carefully consider your climate, and seek expert advice on the best products to sustain your weather. To maintain your fence long-term, it will need regular cleaning and upkeep. Depending upon the material you choose, this maintenance could be more or less labor intense. Consider these factors when selecting the best product for your climate and lifestyle.

Be a Good Neighbor

When planning your new fence, it’s important to discuss your fencing designs and plans with your neighbors as it’s respectful to consider their property. It’s easy, and it’s the right thing to do. Discuss your fence project with your neighbor, and address any issues or concerns they may have.

Hire Professionals

Fence installation is a complicated process and one home project that is best left to professionals. Proper installation requires precise expert knowledge and cannot be completed by a weekend DIY master. You can easily double the cost by improperly installing a fence and requiring it to be redone by professionals. Have it done right the first time!

Know Your Property Line and Zoning/ HOA Regulations

We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to know your property’s legal boundaries. Lot lines are very rarely even and more unpredictable than you would expect. You can seek a land surveyor or a copy of your deed or plot plan locally. Once you are sure of the property’s boundaries, hire a professional to mark them and proceed with your fence project. Additionally, make sure to review your homeowners’ association or similar governing neighborhood covenants to ensure your fence choice is compliant. Regulations tend to vary by location and can be challenging to navigate. If your neighborhood has an HOA or neighborhood association, be sure to find out rules for landscape and fencing. Know your property line, and know the rules of your neighborhood. Imperative but straightforward steps to take so that expensive mistakes don’t slow you down later in the project.

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There are many details that go into planning a fence installation, and these are just a start. Most homeowners want a beautiful well maintained property, and a fence can be an excellent way to achieve that. Before beginning your project, find a contractor you can trust. At Mossy Oak Fence, we are your Tampa Bay and Central Florida Fence experts. Contact us today at (407) 972-0726 to get a free estimate for your project!