Aluminum Fencing for Low-Maintenance Protection

If you’re living in Florida and making do with a small and ancient wooden fence lining your property, then it’s definitely time for an upgrade. It’s difficult for old wood to survive the wet environment that comes with living by the coast since they’re more likely to break apart, collect mold, and rot away. For an effective barrier that can stand the test of time, let Mossy Oak Fence Orlando show you the benefits of low-maintenance aluminum fencing.

Why Are Aluminum Fences Powder-Coated?

The powder coating on aluminum fences makes it so you never have to worry about the metal rusting, or the color fading or chipping. This is especially great news for those who live along the coast where the environment tends to get wet and the wind stirs up debris. Since the color is immune to the elements, you can take repainting and refinishing off of your to-do list. Also, aluminum fences are more likely to be unscathed by storms and rainfall and they’ll never rot over time like wood.

How Do I Clean My Aluminum Fence?

Since aluminum fences are practically invulnerable, they require very little maintenance, and the tasks are so minuscule you’ll forget you even did them in the first place. Treated aluminum is so slick that it doesn’t take much to get rid of any dirt, grass, and other foliage. Just take a look at these simple solutions:

  • Quickly spray with the hose. Use the “bottom-to-top-to-bottom” technique to effectively wash your fence without leaving any dirt to run down the poles and solidify, creating streaks.
  • Gently wipe with a damp towel. This is the best method for spot-treating surfaces as long as you use a soft towel that won’t scratch the metal. Any dirt should come off with little to no effort.
  • Use a soft, soapy sponge. This is a great way to deep-clean your fence which is only recommended about once or twice a year. Be sure to avoid cleaners with bleach or harsh acids, and refrain from using abrasive cleaning tools.

These are all very simple, very brief ways to keep your fence looking brand new. If you feel so inclined, you can dry it off with a soft towel to see an immediate, more lustrous shine. You can even touch up the hinges and fasteners with lubricant to top it all off.

Where Can I Get Aluminum Fencing in Orlando?

Living in coastal areas like Florida requires special care because of the extra elements that dryer areas don’t have to deal with, a major one being the buildup of salt from living close to the sea. Even still, aluminum fences are hardly affected by such hindrances as all you need to do is take a second to hose it off. For the best aluminum fences that can withstand the demands of Orlando’s weather and environmental conditions, Mossy Oak Fence Orlando is the place to go.

Our aluminum fences are specially-treated with protective powder that can handle anything the world throws at it. Call us today at (407) 961-6073 for a free estimate and we’ll have one of our experts equip your property with the best that Florida has to offer.