Beautiful Yard Fencing Ideas for Spring 2022

If you’re anything like us, you’re already longing for the liveliness of Spring to make its way back into your backyard. We can’t speed up time, but we can help you plan how to decorate when the glorious day finally comes. After all, we have great taste here at Mossy Oak Orlando when it comes to refreshing outdoor atmosphere.

Embrace Nature

It’s entirely possible to grow a whole garden without breaking the dirt or dragging in an entire garden bed. How? With enough pots, you can nurture all kinds of herbs and flowers along your fence without taking up any ground space. Tall privacy fences are best for this style of garden because the more area you have to work with, the more pots you can support.

If you don’t mind getting your clothes a little dirty, planting taller varieties like sunflowers along your fencing will complement the wood nicely. Shorter picket fences are especially ideal for tall plants to rise above and be seen by those strolling by. If you have aluminum fencing, the metal rods can be used as a trellis for vines.

Invite Wildlife

With the hustle and bustle of city living, it’s difficult for local animals to find a place to settle down and relax. You can provide a safe haven for these little critters right in your backyard.

Group up a few birdhouses along your fence in clusters to make a cute bird condo for feathered friends to gather around and socialize. You can hang different varieties for a quirky bed-and-breakfast look. You can also do the same with squirrel houses, or you can get creative and build an obstacle course to keep them busy. Set up a nut feeder at the end to give them an incentive for trying. Both privacy and semi-privacy fences are great for these projects.

Get Artsy

If you have a vinyl privacy fence, you have the perfect canvas for painting a breathtaking mural. Privacy fences lack gaps allowing for seamless brush strokes, and the consistency of both the texture and color is reminiscent of a sheet of paper. You can even create a few smaller masterpieces and adorn each one with a picture frame for a modern look. Be the Picasso of your own abode!

If you’d rather hang a bunch of decorations as you would a Christmas tree, semi-privacy fences are perfect for such a task. The gaps between each plank offer limitless spots for easy hanging whether it be metalwork, blown glass, shelving…the possibilities are quite endless.

Mason jars never go out of style, and picket fences are best for hanging these popular glasses as it’s child’s play to hang them over the top of each picket. Rope a string light across the jars for a magical effect at sundown.

Now that so many great ideas are flowing through your mind, call us about installing the fence that best suits your vision. The friendly people at Mossy Oak Orlando are eager to know what you have planned!