Can I Build a Fence on a Slope?

While Florida might not be the most hilly region of the US, there are still plenty of elevated areas that can require some special attention when building or constructing. A common question we get asked is “Can I build a fence on a slope?” and the answer is: yes. With the help from a highly-skilled and well-trained fence contractor, no hill will be able to prevent you from having the privacy and safety that your home deserves. When planning to build a privacy fence on a sloped yard, there are lots of factors to consider and we are here to explain what they are and the role they might play in your ultimate decision.  

3 Methods for Fence Installation On A Slope

1. Straight 

This technique provides a leveled fence top but will create large gaps along the bottom. If the slope or hill is of great significance, this may not be a viable option. 

2. Racking

This technique provides an uneven fence top due to the bottom of the fence following the slope of the ground. Individual pickets are placed one slightly below the other to provide a smooth flow along the yard’s slope. There will be no gaps along the bottom and will provide more privacy and security than other methods. 

3. Stepping 

This method allows the fencing to be installed in sections where there are large slope changes or by having a pre-existing fence stepped up.

Picking the Proper Material

Choosing the right type of fence can impact its longevity and upkeep greatly. For example, aluminum and PVC fences are easily rackable, allowing the fence to adapt to the changes of the slope (with limited extent). Wood fencing may also be an option; however, the pieces of wood will need to be cut piece by piece to allow for exact dimensions and customization. 

Fence installation on a sloped area is not a simple task, but when you decide it’s time to do so, it’s best to seek out the advice and assistance from a trusted fencing expert. At Mossy Oak Orlando, we are here for you and all your fencing needs. Let us help complete your backyard and help ensure the safety of your property while also providing a private space where you can enjoy the outdoors with your loved ones. Call us today at (407) 972-1490.