Common Fence Issues – Repair or Replace?

If you’ve owned a fence long enough, you’ll notice that it’s not as vibrant as it used to be. Damages and other imperfections happen over time, and it gets to the point where you must decide whether it’s best to repair the issue or replace your fence altogether. We don’t expect you to be an expert on the subject, but that’s why we’re here! Let the experts at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando give you a quick course on common fence issues and how to handle them.

Wooden Fence Issues

Traditional wooden fences are the most prone to various types of damage and corrosion, especially if they are untreated. Some of the most common issues have to do with fading color (or discoloration), warping, and cracking or splintering. For color-related problems, staining or painting the fence can make it appear almost brand new. However, the issue of warping and splintering is a bit more complicated. Minor holes and cracks can be filled in with wood filler or putty, but then you may be tempted to paint over them since this type of repair is incredibly noticeable. Even if you choose to replace the plank itself, it will be obvious which plank is newer than the rest.

Vinyl Fence Issues

Although vinyl fences are not as vulnerable as untreated wood, they can still show cracks when faced with a direct impact. In that case, it’s most beneficial to replace the plank or section that has been damaged. When doing this, you have to hope that you can find the same style in order to keep a consistent look.

Aluminum Fence Issues

With aluminum being the strongest material of the group, you would not expect it to be susceptible to damage. But when hit by a brute force such as a vehicle, even aluminum fences tend to give way. As with vinyl and wooden fencing, it is possible to replace the post or section that has been damaged.

Another issue that aluminum fences experience involves loose posts due to shifting soil. If the ground holding your fence is becoming soft, you can use backfill or gravel to make up the difference and strengthen the foundation as an easy repair.

When to Replace Your Entire Fence

Small repairs are enticing as a quick and easy solution, but they don’t always hold for long. For example, painting over a post that has been discolored due to rot only covers up the problem rather than getting rid of it. The fence will continue to break down until you have no choice but to replace it. In that case, you’ll be saving money in the long run by skipping repair costs and going straight to replacing your entire fence. It is a general rule of thumb to get a new fence if you have to replace roughly 20% of the posts anyway.

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