FAQs about Vinyl Fencing

There is a reason why vinyl fences are such a popular choice in Florida. They are durable, customizable, stand up to the weather, and cost-effective. Vinyl fences are a trendy alternative to wood fences. The style selections are numerous, and at Mossy Oak Fence, we can custom build any vinyl fence you can dream up. We carry only the best quality materials, so your vinyl fence will never warp, splinter, or fade. Here are the most frequent questions we receive about vinyl fences:

Why are Vinyl fences so popular?

Vinyl fences are prevalent in Florida because of our climate. But you will find them all across the country in different regions because of their versatility and durability. We carry only the best quality materials, so your vinyl fence will never warp, splinter, or fade. After years of heat and rain, your vinyl fence will still look new if you take care of it. They can be custom designed to accommodate any property and have some of the lowest maintenance of any fencing choice.

What is the maintenance required for a vinyl fence?

Most homeowners don’t have the time to repair and maintain a fence line constantly. This is why vinyl fencing is such an attractive choice. It requires minimal effort to maintain. They are straightforward to clean, either with a garden hose or a pressure sprayer for more difficult build-up. Soap, water, and elbow grease will have your vinyl fence looking brand new. The cleaning of vinyl is an easy task and does not have to be done very often. The low maintenance on vinyl makes it a desirable choice for busy homeowners.

Do I have to worry about the weather taking its toll on my vinyl fence? Will it become stained or warped?

The beauty of vinyl fences is their durability. Rain, snow, sun, moisture, and wind deteriorate traditional fence materials after time, but not vinyl. It can withstand extreme environmental conditions and still look good. You will not have to worry about discoloration, staining, or moisture/mold issues with a vinyl fence. They are solid, easy to clean, and virtually indestructible.

How long will a Vinyl fence last?

If you choose a Mossy Oak vinyl fence, it will be the last one you need. Our design and installation experts will ensure the fence is perfect on your property. Minimal maintenance over the years will keep it clean, and our extensive warranties and coverage will keep your investment protected. We offer both:

Workmanship Warranties

  • Mossy Oak Fence will correct any errors in workmanship if notified within five years of installation.

Gate Warranties 

  • Mossy Oak Fence will adjust your gates within the first three months after installation, providing there is no evidence of abuse.

Additionally, Mossy Oak Fence will honor and administer all manufacturers’ warranties for the materials used in our fence installations.

Are you interested in learning more about vinyl fencing?

Here at Mossy Oak Fence, we offer various vinyl fence styles. We carry the most popular colors, shades, and materials to please any design plan. Ranging from privacy, semi-privacy, picket, ranch rail, or lattice topped, you are sure to find what you are looking for. We can also add additional decorative elements to your vinyl fence using post caps, panel designs, and different saddle or scallop cut techniques. We are your Tampa Bay and Central Florida fence experts. Contact us today at (407) 972-0726 to get a free estimate for your project!