Fence Etiquette

Often when you decide to put up a fence, you have to keep your neighbors or HOA in mind. Practicing proper fence etiquette will help to ensure that you don’t receive an HOA notice in the mail, a code violation notice, or an angry neighbor at your front door. Here are our top fence etiquette tips to follow:

Know Your Property Lines

Before you begin a fence project, make sure to confirm your property lines first. Check your house plans or get your yard surveyed if you are unsure. This will help eliminate any future headaches over boundary disputes or violations.

It is important to understand your state laws and local ordinances before you begin building your fence. If you live in a deed-restricted community or pay HOA fees, you will have to follow their guidelines as well.

At Mossy Oak fence, we will obtain any necessary permits and research local zoning regulations for height, setbacks, and other fencing restrictions before beginning your fence project. Generally, height limits in residential areas are 6 feet for the side and back yard, and 4 feet for the front.

Tip: It is standard to install your fence at least 6-12 inches inside your property line, or whatever is required by local ordinances.

Communicate with Your Neighbors

Although not required, it is a good idea to discuss your fencing plans with your neighbors, especially if they don’t already have a fence. It can help mitigate any disputes, and also could save you money. If you’re building a boundary fence, your neighbor might be willing to chip in and take on some of the costs.

Build A Neighbor-Friendly Fence

Generally, it is common courtesy to give your neighbor the “good side” of the fence, or the side where the finished fence is (rather than the posts and backers.) This is traditional, and you wouldn’t want the posts and rails to be on the outside of the fence anyway!

A neighbor-friendly or “good-neighbor” fence is one that has the same style on both sides. An example of this would be a basketweave style fence or a modern horizontal style.

Maintain Your Fence

Proper fence etiquette doesn’t end with your fence install, rather your work has just begun. It is important to maintain your fence to ensure that it adds curb appeal to your house and performs well for years to come. A decrepit or dirty fence is an eyesore and can negatively impact your home’s value. (And annoy your neighbors!)

Choose Mossy Oak Fence

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