Fence Installation Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to fencing, mistakes cost you money. A fence is meant to last for years, add curb appeal to your home, and keep out unwanted visitors, but if it is poorly done, or made with inferior materials, your fence can go from being an integral part of your yard to a headache! If you plan to DIY your fence, you’ll be glad that you followed these tips from our team at Mossy Oak Fence on how to avoid fence installation mistakes:

Low-Quality Material

When building a fence, the materials you choose directly correlate to the longevity of sturdiness of your fence. While cheaper material might look good on the shelf, you are only going to cause trouble for yourself in the future by opting to build cheap. Low-quality wood is prone to rot, and low-quality vinyl will crack. Always use fencing materials that are sturdy, high-quality, and will stand the tests of weather and time.

Using the Wrong Materials

A big mistake is choosing the wrong type of wood for the area that you live in or choosing a metal fence when vinyl would look better. Take time to consider the fencing material that you use, you will be looking at this fence for a long time!

Using Untreated Lumber

At Mossy Oak Fence, we install PT pine boards treated with Ecolife® Stabilized Weather-Resistant Wood, a Green Certified product that protects your fence investment in ways you won’t believe! A wooden fence that hasn’t been treated will soak up water, and begin to rot. Termites and other insects will make their home in the wood and will literally eat your fence from the inside out. The sun during the summer will dry out the wood and cause it to warp, and then crack or sprinter.

When building a fence, ALWAYS use treated wood, and treat it with a sealant after the install.

Not Using Long Enough Fence Posts

For a sturdy fence, the fence posts need to be anchored deep into the ground. Generally, you want the post to go into the ground at least one-third of the height of your fence. By doing so, your fence will have a strong foothold which will allow it to withstand storms and high winds. Posts that aren’t anchored deep enough will allow your fence to be blown over easily and will not support the fence.

Tip: Don’t skimp on your fence posts. Concrete the fence posts into the ground for added stability.

Using Privacy Fencing When You Just Need a Picket Fence

You don’t always need a tall privacy fence. A fence should complement your yard and home, not detract from it. Avoid making your yard feel like a prison yard, and opt for a fence that fits the area. A backyard garden doesn’t need a tall privacy fence, it would look much better with a picket fence. If you are unsure of what kind of fencing will look best in your yard, we are happy to help!

Avoid Mistakes and Call the Pros at Mossy Oak Fence

Unsure if a DIY fencing project is right for you? Stop right there! We can create a custom fence to meet your exact specifications and will use the best quality materials that we can source. Our design team can help you create a beautiful wood, vinyl, or aluminum fence to complement your yard and home. With years of experience, and thousands of professional fence installations in Orlando and the surrounding areas we are one of the most trusted Orlando fencing companies. If you can dream it, we can build it! Contact us today for a fencing installation quote: (407) 961-6073