Fence Terms Every Homeowner Should Know

When you become a homeowner, your whole vocabulary expands. Suddenly, you know how to describe electrical systems, plumbing, and a wide array of other home-related things. Fencing is no different. Here at Mossy Oak Orlando, we want our clients to feel comfortable and knowledgeable when discussing their home fencing options. That’s why we’ve made a short list of fence terms every homeowner should know. 

  • Double swing gate: A double swing gate is a gate that swings open on two sides, usually used for a driveway or a property entrance. 
  • Fenceline: The fenceline describes the line that your fence follows along your property. When designing a fence, this will be a very important term. 
  • Frame hinge: A frame hinge is the hinge that attaches to the gate frame (built on the gatepost). 
  • Framework: Your fence’s framework is the supporting structure of your fence, including the posts, braces, bottom rails, and top rails.
  • Lattice Fencing: Lattice fencing is a type of fence design that allows for holes that are square or diamond-shaped in between strips of wood that have been crossed and then fastened together at regular intervals. 
  • Picket: Picket fencing is a specific type of fencing that can be tall or short, and made out of wood, aluminum, iron, or vinyl. The posts are evenly spaced out to create a picturesque silhouette. 
  • Privacy fence: A fence tall enough and solid enough that it blocks a view into your backyard, in essence, giving you privacy. Usually, privacy fences are made of wood or aluminum. 
  • Semi-private: A semi-private fence is built shorter than a traditional privacy fence, but is typically solid, made of thick wood or brick, and designed to keep small animals or children in your yard, or to keep prying eyes off your flowerbeds. 
  • Stair stepping:  Stair stepping is a method of fence installation that is specifically used for installing fences on an incline or decline. 

These are just a few of the many fencing terms you will learn when designing a fence with Mossy Oak Orlando. For explainers on various fencing materials, please click here. As always, if you’re hoping to build a new fence that will suit your fencing needs perfectly, please call our friendly, professional fencing experts at Mossy Oak today!