Fencing for Increased Property Value

Adding fencing to your home can serve a multitude of purposes. You can install a privacy fence for fewer interruptions or disturbances. You can use it for your home’s protection from wildlife or unwanted visitors. In fact, fences can add such a “polished” look to your yard that you can even add them solely for their aesthetic appeal (trust us, this is not uncommon). However, you may not realize the complete versatility that fences truly have for your property – including the possibility of making you money later down the line. Adding fencing to your property can increase your property’s overall value; meaning that if you ever choose to sell it, it will be worth more (meaning more money in your pocket)! That’s why today we are taking some time to explain some of the ways fences can boost your property’s curb appeal. 

Buyers Look for Homes with Fences 

According to a SunTrust Bank national survey conducted in 2017, 33% of millennials reported that “the desire to have a better space or yard for a dog influenced their decision to purchase their first home”. More people list dogs than marriage or children as a determining factor in their home buying decision. When hunting for a house that is suitable for a family – fencing comes first and foremost.  

Type of Fencing Material Used Can Increase Its Value

The materials from which a fence is created can have a significant effect on the property’s resale value. Materials such as cast iron, PVC, and wooden fences tend to have the highest ROI out of all commonly used fencing materials. This is primarily due to their longevity and aesthetic appeal/design. These materials tend to be more durable and of higher quality.

Position of The Fence Can Provide Additional Privacy and Aesthetics 

If your front yard isn’t quite up to par with your neighbors, adding a fence might serve a greater purpose than just adding additional privacy – it can boost your home’s curb appeal and save you hours’ worth of lawn care (and a significant amount of money). If the view beyond your backyard is a bit of an eyesore, installing fencing around the back can also save your property’s appeal.  

Mossy Oak Orlando

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