Here’s How You Can Help Protect Your Fence from Rain & Sun

Living in Orlando, we frequently endure the harsh Florida weather. No matter if it’s heavy rain or intense sun rays, your old and/or ordinary fence could be paying the price in more ways than one. Rather than accept defeat and deal with a beat-up fence, your pals at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando will teach you the ways of fence preservation and how to prolong its lifespan.

Common Damages for Fencing

The two main elemental factors that wear down fences involve the sun and rain. But what exactly do the sun and rain do to hurt your wooden fence? There’s a lot that can happen, and all of them lead to you getting a new fence sooner than you need to.

Splintering Heat from the Sun

Since your fence is directly exposed to the sun every single day, UV rays are the number one cause of wear and tear. When unprotected wood becomes overheated, it tends to expand which can lead to cracks and splits along the grain. When this happens, the internal fibers are exposed and become prone to other sources of damage.

Rot From Water Exposure

When rainwater seeps into the fibers of the wood, it can weaken your fence to the point of deterioration and rotting. It can also encourage the formation of bacteria and turn your fence into a health hazard for any living beings nearby.

Regular Maintenance Is Key

Performing regular upkeep on your fence is something that the average person doesn’t normally think about, but it could spell the difference between a 5-year and a 15-year lifespan. You might be wondering what you could possibly do to a fence once it’s been installed, and there’s actually more than one answer. Some tasks that you can do to help preserve your fence include:

  • Wash down your fence regularly with a garden hose or pressure washer.
  • Inspect the bottom of the fence where it comes in contact with the damp ground.
  • Replace planks that are beyond repair.
  • Shield your fence with paint and primer containing UV protection.
  • Get your fence inspected yearly by a qualified professional.

How to Save Time on Maintenance

Not everyone has the time or desire to be worrying about their fence when they could be doing anything else. The good news is there’s a better solution. Pressure-treated wooden fences are designed to be nearly foolproof with significantly more protection than a normal fence by preventing warps and cracks from happening. These quality fences can last up to 20 years with little to no maintenance and they look all-natural. If you prefer something nontraditional, vinyl and powder-coated aluminum fences are also low maintenance and provide extra protection from the sun and rain.

Order Your Low-Maintenance Fence Today!

If you want a fence that can withstand the unforgiving rain and sun without you needing to keep a close eye on it, Mossy Oak Fence Orlando has what you need! We have pressure-treated wood, powder-coated aluminum, and quality vinyl fencing which are all fantastic options for a Florida-approved yard. Call today at (407) 900-2940 to get a free estimate.