Horse Fence Planning 101

Mossy Oak Fence offers various customizable horse fences, perfect for containing livestock or setting property boundaries. We are your resource for everything you need to plan a horse fence. Before you start fence shopping, there are a few things you need to prepare for first. Here are the details you should have ready before you make a selection:


If you don’t know the size of your pasture, measure the distance between your existing posts and add the total footage. If the area is open, drive stakes to the ground and string off the pasture. Being aware of the size of the site you’re looking to fence in will help you with the budget and design.

Specific Horse needs

Think about how many horses or other animals will be in this area. Will you need rotational grazing areas, catch areas, or pony or small animal containment? Will you need a large horse pasture? Thinking ahead and planning all of these variables will help ensure you choose the right fence design for your property. 


You know you need a fence, but what about the details? Have you planned out how many gates you might need? And do you know where they will be located? If you are thinking about adding gates, it’s best to do it now, rather than after installation. Consider having a large utility gate at one end of your pasture to allow large vehicles or equipment access. For additional protection of your property and livestock, ask us about our field fencing (or woven wire) options to help keep pests and predators away.


Planning out the specific details of installation based on your property’s unique geography and soil content will help avoid installation issues. Do you know the content of your soil? Is it sandy, filled with rocks or clay? Do you have hills? Or standing water? These are essential questions that should be answered before designing or buying a fence. 


What areas of this fence line do you estimate will be the busiest? Think about the high traffic areas. Where will the most foot traffic and horse traffic travel? Will your horses chew, scratch, or otherwise damage a fence? Consider these questions honestly, as they will help you pick the best product and material for your horse fence. It is said that the actual test of a fence’s worth is not when horses are peacefully grazing but when an excited horse chits the fence in an attempt to escape or because he didn’t see it coming. How will your fence absorb that damage? Was it built to sustain that kind of impact?

Think about the Future

Are you looking to add new fencing or update your existing property? Will there be anything else to fence in the future? Mossy Oak experts can help you save money if you plan for future projects.


Mossy Oak fence experts will help you choose the right fence for your property and budget. Remember, “the difference between a good fence and a bad fence is usually one vet bill.” Moss Oak products will help you with more straightforward, long-term maintenance. Our goal is to help you fence your horses in a safe way, and keep your fence looking new, year after year!

Mossy Oak

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