How Do I Protect My Fence Post from the Weed Trimmer?

Fencing is the cornerstone of every yard, so it’s only natural to want to protect the integrity of your posts. That’s a little hard to do when the weed whacker gives them a few good smacks, but how else are you going to get rid of unwanted vegetation? There are a few ways to keep your outdoor sanctuary looking pristine without sacrificing your wooden borders. The caring staff at Mossy Oak Orlando are here to teach you how to properly maintain your precious fencing.

Watch Your Technique

Slow and steady wins the race, and in this case, it’ll save your fence. Pay special attention to how close you’re getting to those planks so you don’t accidentally bump into them. When you do end up getting within range, angle your weed eater downward towards the ground to avoid hitting your fence up high.

Set Up a Line of Defense

One way to keep your fence protected without paying too much mind to it is to build an impenetrable wall. It can be made of sheet metal (flashing for roofing is an excellent choice), ceramic tile, bricks, or even stones. The possibilities last only as long as your own imagination! Build your protective barrier a few inches off the ground to give yourself enough leeway while adding some flair to your garden. Coat your lining of choice with a clear lacquer for added defense.

Think Outside the Box

Sometimes, the easiest solutions are right in front of our noses. After you mow your lawn per usual, switch over to your handheld shears to take care of the line of grass alongside your fence. By personally seeing to the foliage by your fence, you can ensure that no damage is done to the planks. Another way to take care of that little trouble area is to pour a little salt and vinegar mixture to kill it all off without bringing any sort of harm to your fence.

Time For a New Fence?

If you’re looking to get a new fence, you may want to consider a vinyl style. Vinyl fencing is less susceptible to weed trimmer damage and even if you still manage to get some knicks and scratches, it’ll be a breeze to paint over it because of the consistent color.

At Mossy Oak Orlando, we have many options for vinyl fencing that may pique your interest. Give us a call or visit us in person to get started on finding the right fence for you!