How High Should My Fence Be?

Many factors go into designing and building the right fence, but what often gets overlooked is choosing the right height! Whether you want a grand wrought iron fence or a welcoming picket fence, height plays an important role in the look and function of the fence. So how high should your fence be? Well, there are some things that need to be taken into consideration first. The fencing pros at Mossy Oak Fence discuss how to decide:

Fence Height Basics

There are three main factors that will help determine the height of a fence:

  • The style of the fence
  • The purpose of the fence
  • Local regulations

Of course, your personal taste and the needs of your property will be part of this decision as well, but these three factors will help you get a general idea of how high your fencing should be.


You might be wondering how style factors into fence height, but bear with us, it plays a huge role! A good fence won’t just blend into your property, rather it will add beauty to your yard and enhance its curb appeal. A dark wooden fence might lend well to a modern home, whereas a white picket fence might give your traditional style home a quaint, colonial feel.

While material and color are both important factors to discuss, height is equally important. A fence that is too high might appear austere, while the same kind of fence at a lower height might appear more inviting. Keep this design factor in mind: High fences are generally acknowledged as being imposing or grand, while shorter fences are more inviting and friendlier. Keep the style of your fence in mind as we explore the purpose of your fence


Every fence has a purpose. Some homeowners might choose to fence in their yard to protect from intruders or trespassers or to protect their garden from animals. While others will build a fence to keep their children or pets from wandering into the street. Still, others are simply looking to enhance the beauty of their property or provide a boundary to their land. Once you have your purpose in mind, it will be easier to decide how high your fence should be. Just keep in mind that ultimately, the height depends on your property and local regulations. If you need advice on how to choose the right height, call us today, we are happy to help!

Fence Height

Now that you know the style and purpose of your fence, we’re ready to talk fence height! Let’s take a look at some common types of fences and their general heights:

Property Boundary Fence:

If you have a lot of land, a boundary fence is a great way to prevent trespassers and claim the land as your own. Generally, a boundary fence is short, anywhere from three to six feet high. Typically, a three-foot fence is sufficient and will separate your yard from the next. In the backyard, six feet is appropriate.

Privacy Fence:

If privacy is your main focus, you will want a fence that is at least six feet high to prevent nosy neighbors from peeking in. You could even choose a seven to an eight-foot-high fence, but be sure to check with local regulations before building, as they may not allow a fence of this height.

Pet + Child Fence:

If you are aiming to keep your pets and children in your yard, a four-foot fence should be adequate, but if you have larger dogs, a higher fence may be needed.

Garden Fence:

Garden fencing is usually between three and four feet tall, which will help keep out small animals.

Local Regulations

Before you begin your fencing project, confirm that you are complying with all local fence regulations. Some HOAs and city ordinances dictate how high a fence can be. It’s simple, make sure that your fence complies with the law, and you’ll be golden!

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