How to Decorate Your Garden Fence for Spring

Spring is coming and that means it’ll be the best time to get back into the gardening spirit! What will your garden look like? If you need help coming up with ideas, Mossy Oak Fence in Orlando is here with neat and clever ideas that are sure to jog your creative mind.

Planter Planning

Gardening doesn’t have to be limited to the ground you walk on. In fact, some plants thrive better in controlled environments like pots and planters. Vinyl and wooden fences are both excellent backgrounds in helping your planters shine. A raised bed propped right up against your fence will give the illusion of the entire setup being one contained piece and radiate a sense of unity. If you’re looking for something a little more fun and quirky, hanging potted plants scattered along your fence offers a delightful aura to anyone wandering the yard. For a more unique style, attach shelving to your fence and set your pots on those instead! Now that’s thinking outside the planter.

Let it Grow

What’s the most natural look for a backyard? Walls covered in luscious green at every turn. Training plants to grow upwards is fun and rewarding, not to mention incredibly stunning. Metal fences are best for growing ivy of all kinds, but there are still many options to choose from if you have a vinyl or wooden fence. It’s really as simple as attaching a trellis to your fence, and there are so many flower varieties to choose from like nasturtium, hydrangea, morning glory, and so much more!

Paint With Purpose

The color of your garden’s backdrop makes all the difference in setting the tone and theme for your yard. Black paint will give your yard a modern feel while letting the green of your plants stand out against the dark tone. A more creative choice is to paint your fence a color that matches the shade of the flowers you are growing. Split tones are also making a comeback, and you can’t really go wrong with pairing colors as every combination portrays a glimpse into the artist’s personality.

Flair Here and There

Once you have the base work down for your beautiful garden, it’ll be easier to decide on additional decor to really hammer in the coziness and charm of your environment. Including a birdhouse is a traditional choice that never fails to disappoint. Peppering your garden with rustic items like tin cans or rusty watering cans will give it character. If you’re an avid green thumb who regularly brings in new sprouts, consider placing a small dresser up against the fence. You can use it exclusively as a potting bench and it’s a great way to show that you love putting in the work for an impressive garden.

With all these ideas, fences really make or break your yard’s aesthetic. If it’s time to opt-in for a new fence so you can achieve your dream garden, give Mossy Oak Fence in Orlando a call for a free estimate. We have so many styles to choose from, and we have the professionals to make any vision a reality.