Hurricane Ian Damage or Destroy Your Fence? Mossy Oak Is Here to Help

Hurricane Ian affected many Florida homes. Yards were flooded, power lines were taken down, roofs were torn off, and fences went completely missing. Now that we’re recovering in the aftermath of everything that has happened, we want to help make life better again by offering our services to those who need them. If your fence has been damaged or destroyed due to Hurricane Ian, Mossy Oak Fence Orlando is here to help!

We Have Hurricane-Resistant Fences

How is a hurricane-resistant fence different from any other normal fence? The material should be incredibly durable and specially treated to withstand the elements like water and high winds. Also, the posts should be sturdy enough to keep the rest of the fence grounded in place during these harsh conditions. Thankfully, Mossy Oak supplies fences that meet these criteria.

The Best Styles for Hurricanes

With so many fence options available, which ones, in particular, are able to hold their own against most hurricanes? We can mention a few styles that are known to withstand a lot of would-be damage, such as:

  • Aluminum fences. Our powder-coated aluminum fences are pretty much impervious to rust and corrosion caused by moisture. They’re also incredibly durable and are more likely to stay completely in place no matter the wind speed.
  • Vinyl fences. Because of the incredible flexibility and amazing resilience, our vinyl fences won’t bend and break so easily when it gets windy. This is especially true with our semi-privacy and picket styles which provide adequate gaps for proper airflow.
  • Chain link fences. Since chain link fences are made up of so many holes, there’s not much for the wind to grab onto and sweep up. Paired with our sturdy aluminum posts, it’s more likely to stay in place.

These styles are the most resistant to hurricane attacks, but most of our products are guaranteed to exhibit more strength than your average picket fence. That’s because, on top of providing high-quality materials, our contractors are among the best in the area!

Our Installation Methods Work

Even if you purchase high-quality fences made of top-rated materials, they can still fly away during a hurricane if it’s not installed properly. Our contractors are qualified in providing the best installation service due to their skill, knowledge, and training. That means they know how to take the time to properly evaluate and measure your home for a custom fit and to ensure an even layout secured with grounded fence posts. We also keep up with our licenses, insurance, and other requirements in order to protect you and help you feel reassured every time you call on our services.

Contact Mossy Oak Fence Orlando Today!

Let us help you bounce back from the damage that Hurricane Ian caused by providing you with a brand-new fence that will do more to hold its own in the event of another hurricane. Call Mossy Oak Fence Orlando today at (407) 900-2940 for more information and for a free estimate! We’re always here for your fencing needs no matter what.