Make Your Home Renovation Safer with Temporary Fencing

Looking to renovate your home? Those kinds of large projects are a lot of fun, but there are safety concerns to consider. Luckily, temporary fencing can help keep you worry-free when it comes to most of the potential dangers that can occur. At Mossy Oak Fence Orlando, we want you to know the benefits of temporary fencing so you can get your renovations done without a hitch!

What Is Temporary Fencing?

Temporary fencing consists of a row of fence panels connected by couplers and is set into stands or heavy concrete blocks. The panels are usually made of metal, chainlink, or plastic although the metal options are the most common. This type of fencing is made at around 6 and a half feet or 2 meters tall which is just high enough to inconvenience any possible troublemakers. They are also designed to be relatively light for portability but still offer sturdiness and reliability when assembled properly.

Safety First

Your number one priority for getting a temporary fence installed should be for safety reasons. With every construction project comes many potential hazards, not just for those doing the renovations but also for anyone who happens to pass by. It’s easy to overlook a hole in the ground and twist your ankle, or to walk under a paint can that can fall onto your noggin. Those are just two of countless examples, but you won’t have to worry about any of them if you block off the area with a temporary fence to keep anyone from getting near danger in the first place. Keeping your work area off-limits will also prevent lawsuits.

Stop Criminals in Their Tracks

A construction site can be very tantalizing to those who get a kick out of stirring up a bit of trouble. Teenagers see a canvas for their graffiti art, kleptomaniacs see a treasure trove of goodies, and delinquents see an array of various things to smash to bits. If you’re away from home during the renovation, some people may even be tempted to wander into the house and it would be easy for them with the lack of security.

Keep Out Wildlife

Some renovations require flat, sturdy ground and precision. An animal could ruin that perfection in the blink of an eye by trampling over wet cement or smoothed-out dirt. If you’ve ever seen cat paws permanently imprinted on a sidewalk, that’s exactly what we mean. Yard renovations can also be foiled by dogs digging holes in an attempt to preserve their favorite toy for future use.

At What Cost?

You can pay to own a permanent fence, but that option would ultimately cost you more money especially if the intention is to only use it during a set period of time. With temporary fence rentals, you’ll be paying less money in total and you won’t be stuck with a fence that you no longer need. You can also think of it as paying a small price for its flexibility since it can be rearranged and relocated as needed.

If you have an exciting home renovation coming up, let us know and we can help you set up a temporary fence to keep your project safe and secure! Call Mossy Oak Fence Orlando today at (407) 961-6073 and ask for a quote.