Modern Fencing for A Modern Home

The perfect fence doesn’t exis- At Mossy Oak, it sure does. Today, we are sharing some ways that you can modernize your fence so that your property can make a real statement! There’s no reason you must sacrifice functionality for style – we are dedicated to helping you find the fence that will keep your property protected while also complementing your style. Here’s a few tips and ideas to get you thinking about what kind of fence will look perfect surrounding your property.

Trend #1: Horizontal Slats 

If you’re looking for a little spice up from the typical white picket fence, horizontal slats are a modern & chic approach to a property perimeter. Additionally, they provide more privacy and more dimensions to your property.  

Trend #2: Wood Paneling 

Rustic and farmhouse inspired fences are among the trendiest fence styles today. It’s a classic for a reason. This style complements a modern house and can be easily adapted and modernized with decorations, accents, foliage, etc. 

Trend #3: Play with Materials

Starting the base off as one material and graduating to another (about two feet up) is a creative way to create an eye-catching appearance that will be sure to impress visitors. Whether it’s a concrete base with wooden slats, PVC vertical slats with etched metal doors for a bolder appearance, or frosted glass with stone and metal interchange- switching it up from the typical materials used can add an entirely new level of eye candy-worthy design to your front and back yards.  

Trend #4: Fill Your Fence with Stones 

This is a great way to really crank up the “wow factor” for your property’s perimeter. Not only is it extremely tough and durable, but is also incredibly unique, given that no two are the same. By carefully stacking the stones, you can manipulate them into particular lines and shapes. Choose pretty, colorful stones with interesting patterns for a wall that is sure to attract some admirers. 

Mossy Oak Orlando

If you’re looking to create a modern curbside appearance for your home, fencing is the way to go. Here at Mossy Oak, our well trained and highly experienced fencing professionals would be happy to chat about your fence, offer suggestions, and perform any replacement that you need. Give us a call today at (407) 972-1268.