Modern Fencing Styles for a Modern Home

There’s a lot more to fence design than meets the eye. Ordinary people would just get a typical fence installed and leave it at that. But like a good arts and crafts project, fence design offers unlimited possibilities. Mossy Oak Fence Orlando is here to help you visualize some of the best modern fencing styles for your modern home.

Go All-Natural

No matter how modern or futuristic we want our home to look, it’s still satisfying to see touches of green among the minimalist or industrial setting. Adding patches of stone wall is also a great way to display the contrast between nature and modern aspects. Imitation stone walls such as SimTek EcoStone® Vinyl are easier to maintain and they look nearly identical to the real thing.

Mix and Match

For those who can’t decide between a wooden or metal fence, there’s great news for you! Mixing fencing materials is a huge modern trend that looks absolutely stunning. Metal and wood, wood and stone, any combination can look amazing if done right. One trick to this is to choose options with clearly different colors so that each material stands out from the other.

Strong, Simple Colors

With so many ornate designs on the market, it’s easy to forget the power of simplicity. Modern trends are taking a step backward to appreciate the little things like plain but bold colors. A solid fence painted entirely in bright red in front of a dark modern house will have people pulling over for a closer look. Talk about a statement piece!

Stained Wood

Many homeowners are quick to paint over their wooden fences in their favorite colors but appreciating the beauty of pure wood is becoming a new popular trend. You can even get creative with it by singling out planks to stain a different tint of brown so you can still achieve a contemporary effect.

Think Outside the Box

There are so many things you can do with wooden planks that can express new, modern ideas. Irregular spacing between horizontal slats, glossy or polished wood, and basket weaves are all out-of-the-box ideas that will be welcomed into the new era of modern home design.

Gated Front Yards

Many modern homes feel like miniature estates with how fancy the layouts are, so gated front yards are a great addition to the aesthetic. Black aluminum gates have an authoritative feel as you approach them from the sidewalk, almost as if you need a special invitation just to knock on the front door. Adorning the gate with greenery on either side makes it feel more welcoming.

Design Your Modern Fence with Mossy Oak Fence!

No matter the style you want for your modern home, Mossy Oak Fence Orlando has the means and expertise to make your vision come to life. Contact us today at (407) 900-2940 for a free estimate and to get started on modernizing your yard! We have so many styles and options in wood, aluminum, and vinyl for any and all combinations.