Ornamental Fences for a Classy Front Yard

They’re for more than just looks. Ornamental fences also provide a lot of security to keep people out or to ensure that pets stay in. On top of that, they’re incredibly durable being made of sturdy treated aluminum. Find out why ornamental fences are a wonderful option and how your friends at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando can hook you up with the most stunning display!

What Is an Ornamental Fence?

An ornamental fence features overly decorative designs typically made from sturdy metal. Aluminum has become the more popular option because it’s affordable, beautiful, easier to adapt, and extremely durable.

Aluminum fences are ideal for both businesses and residential areas because of the sheer variety and ability to be entirely unique. You can get them in any height, color, or design for a truly one-of-a-kind arrangement.

Why Get an Ornamental Fence?

Aside from being stunningly gorgeous, ornamental fences come with plenty of other alluring benefits that are hard to pass up. The number of ways it can benefit your yard is almost unreal, and it doesn’t even take much to get one installed.

Immune to the Elements

You may not have noticed that aluminum fences are infused with a miracle powder to keep it in top shape. It’s nearly impossible to tell from the naked eye, but this powder prevents all sorts of unwanted deterrents:

  • Weather-induced corrosions
  • Peeling paint
  • Cracked paint
  • Rust spots
  • Color fade

Flexible in Design

Regardless of whether your fence needs to be installed up a hill, alongside stairs, or around a curved area, ornamental fences made of aluminum can be altered and adapted to any terrain without sacrificing aesthetics.

Impeccable Security

Fence designs are expertly drawn in a way that most living beings are unable to find a way in or out through the gaps while leaving enough space for transparency. This is an effective way to boost curb appeal and uphold security all in one package.

What Upkeep?

Compared to wood and vinyl planks, this specialized metal stands on its own for the duration of many years. The only time you will need to hire professionals is if you want to change the layout or if the fence suffers an impact.

The Best Classy Styles

Before reading about classy fence styles to choose from, here are some aspects to keep in mind:

  • Picket height. The average is anywhere from four feet to ten feet tall.
  • Picket gap size. Typical fences have gaps just shy of four inches wide, but smaller gaps offer more privacy and accommodate small animals.
  • Topper styles. Examples include ball, contemporary, finial, quad finial, and spear.
  • Decorative elements. Rings, scrolls, and finials can line the top or bottom of your fence all the way across.

3 Rail Flat Top

This wonderfully simplistic design is a very popular choice because it effortlessly fits into any type of landscape while offering all of the amazing benefits of ornamental aluminum fencing. Offering ideal height, spacing, and flat toppers, it’s hard to go wrong with the fundamentals.

Close Space Picket

For added security, close space fencing still provides the functional simplicity of the 3-rail flat top design but with tighter gaps. Like with any aluminum fence, toppers can be switched out for any style.

Flat Top Puppy Picket

If you own small dogs, this design eliminates the need for worry. This clever design is built with smaller gaps along the bottom of the fence while switching it back up to wider gaps for the upper half so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Spear Top Fencing

Spear toppers are loved by those who want a more elegant design while deterring potential intruders. Staggered styles change it up a bit by alternating the heights of the spears for a more fun look. If you like the look of spears but are worried about the pointiness of the spiked tip, the flat top spear style adds a row of flat metal on top for safety.

Where to Get Your Classy Fence

As you can see, aluminum ornamental fences come with so many benefits and it’s actually quite affordable! If you have a certain style in mind for your yard, give Mossy Oak Fence Orlando a call for an estimate. As long as you can imagine it, we can build it!