Our Guide to Fencing for All Price Ranges

If you’re looking to get a new fence but aren’t sure which option is right for your budget, there’s no need to worry because your friends at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando have you covered! Read on to discover the best fences for each price range to help you decide what’s best for you.

The Economical Option

The most affordable yet practical type of fence is perhaps the chain link fence. Since it’s made of a series of thin metals, you’re saving money on less material. This makes it a viable option for both commercial and residential properties.

Functionality on a Budget

Even though chain link fences consist of multiple small rings connected together, that doesn’t mean this style suffers from a lack of protection. These fences are still extremely durable and hard to pierce through without the help of a heavy-duty tool designed specifically for cutting metal. That fact alone is one of the many reasons why you’ll see it being used for playgrounds and animal pens.

Unhindered Style

Chain link fences get a bad rep for supposedly looking cheap and worn-down. That could be true if you don’t hire the right people to install it. Most companies will offer a limited selection (if any choices at all) of fences to purchase. However, thriving businesses will carry a more extensive catalog with chain link fences in various colors like black, brown, and green along with traditional raw metal.

For An Average Budget

When you imagine an average home, you probably think of a traditional wood picket fence lining the yard. Wood fencing is an excellent choice for any homeowner because you really can’t go wrong with the common yet effective option.

Does the Job (And More)

Wood fences are incredibly effective at doing their job of providing privacy and protection around your yard. Pressure-treated (PT) pine boards are like stacking on another layer of impenetrable armor, making the fence resistant to the many elements. PT fences are less prone to warping from the heat, growing mold from moisture, and attracting bugs since the pests can’t bite through the clear shield.

Classic Looks

With wooden fencing, there are so many materials to choose from like pine, cedar, and cypress, all of which have their own unique properties to match your home’s aesthetic. Opting in for either privacy, semi-privacy, or picket fencing can also influence the overall look of your setup.

Upscaled Fencing

If you have the money to spend on quality fencing, vinyl is an excellent choice with incredible benefits to get your money’s worth. When it comes to style, the possibilities are only limited to your creativity. Plus, vinyl fences prove to be one of the most durable materials currently available.

Adaptable for Any Scenery

The default style for vinyl fencing is typically pure white with consistent paneling which is already a great look that compliments any home. But if you’re wanting something more chic, you’re in for a treat. Vinyl can be manipulated to simulate other materials like wood and stone. If done right, the authenticity is not always immediately apparent to the average eye. Accessory caps can also be added to the top of the posts in dome-shaped, gothic, and pyramid shapes. And of course, color variety is no issue here.

Little to No Maintenance

Since vinyl is resistant, and oftentimes immune, to warping, splinters, and fading, these fences require minimal maintenance. If you notice any blemishes, they can usually be fixed with a gentle swipe of a cloth or spray from the water hose. Talk about easy!

Upgrade Your Fence Today!

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