Prepare for Pool Days with a Privacy Fence

Summer is coming up, and that means it’s time to break in the pool once again! To enjoy your pool to the fullest, a fence is all you need to ensure privacy, safety, and protection. For the best privacy fences for your pool, consult the experts at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando!

Enjoy a Low-Maintenance Pool

Sure, you could use a tarp or cover to keep your pool protected, but the hassle will be enough to make you not want to use the pool at all. Some covers are pretty heavy and will cause strain on your body, and it can be especially tiring after you’ve already used up your energy swimming all day. Time by the pool is supposed to be a relaxing leisure activity, after all. By setting up a privacy fence, securing your pool is as easy as locking the gate!

Avoid Unwanted Peep Shows

It can be hard to relax around your own pool when you’re worried about your neighbors or even complete strangers trying to disturb your fun. Privacy fences provide a solid barrier that will give you the assurance you need to have a great time without the fear of being noticed holding you back. Privacy fences leave no gaps between the planks and so you’ll never have to worry about anyone spying on you. Even if someone decides that they want to go the extra mile and climb above the fence, they’ll be in plain view for everyone to see.

Safe Fun for Everyone

When children and pets are at play, there should always be an adult present. For those times when the pool needs to be left unattended during parties or family get-togethers, privacy fences will help prevent kids, animals, and other critters from falling in and drowning. Vinyl fences are durable enough to withstand biting and clawing, effectively keeping pets and wildlife out of danger.

Stay Legal, Stay Insured

Many states actually legally require you to install a privacy fence to minimize the rate of deaths by drowning. Therefore, privacy fences not only provide all of the benefits listed above, but they will also keep you from being fined a hefty amount. Your insurance company may also require you to have a pool fence installed for liability reasons. You’re less likely to file a claim if you take the necessary precautions, thus making things easier on you and your insurance.

A Pool Fence for Any Layout

Pools come in many different shapes and sizes, but privacy fences can be customized to be built around your swimming area. Fences come in a variety of materials, heights, and shapes so you can get the privacy and protection you need no matter what, and it’ll still fit your overall aesthetic.

For the most beautiful and secure custom fence that’s perfect for your pool, call Mossy Oak Fence Orlando today at (407) 961-6073 for a free estimate. As long as you can imagine it, we can build it because we’re the best in the business!