Pros and Cons of Pressure-Treated Wood for Your Fence

Pressure-treated wood for your fence sounds enticing and for a good reason. There are a great handful of benefits with minimal downsides, and those cons have incredibly easy solutions. Your friends at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando are here to show you what pressure-treated fencing can do for you!

Pros of Pressure-Treated Wood

So what is pressure-treated wood? The planks are penetrated with preservatives that are designed to defend against common enemies of wooden fencing like bugs, weather elements, and more.

Bugs Begone

Termites flock to wood like how pigeons will swarm breadcrumbs. Their relentless bites are a fast track to a worn-out fence, but they’re no match for the impenetrable barrier of pressure-treated wood. Try as they might, it’s practically impossible to get through this tough coating. You can finally kiss termites and other insects goodbye!

Environmental Resistance

This is where the true strength of pressure-treated wood comes in. Your fence will laugh at the face of mother nature as it’s both moisture and fire-resistant. And since moisture isn’t around to stay, that means there’s no room for fungus to grow either. Even after a harsh storm, you can count on your fence to stay absolutely pristine.


Since these preservatives are built to withstand nearly anything that comes their way, you can safely bet on their long-lasting lifespan. Being incredibly strong and durable, pressure-treated fences easily stand the test of time.

Easy Adaptability

If you want to touch up your fence with stains or sealant, that’s still entirely possible with pressure-treated wood. So, if later on you decide to change up your yard’s aesthetic, you won’t have to sacrifice beauty for function because you can have both.

Greatly Affordable

Although pressure-treated fencing comes with a ridiculous number of benefits, it actually won’t hurt your wallet. The process of treating wood isn’t all that difficult which makes the final price more than reasonable. Now you don’t have to think twice about opting in for such a premium product!

Cons of Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood can come with a couple of small disadvantages, but it’s nothing that we can’t help! If you get your fence treated by knowledgeable professionals, you won’t even have to worry about these minor inconveniences.

Possible Warping and Shrinkage

If done wrong or with subpar chemicals, it’s possible for pressure-treated wood to warp and even shrink. At Mossy Oak Fence, we proudly use Ecolife® Stabilized Weather-Resistant Wood on our pine planks as a preventative measure against these unfavorable side effects.

Reapplying Sealant

To sustain all the desirable qualities of pressure-treated fencing, it’s recommended to add a coat of sealant every two or three years. With such minimal maintenance, your fence will last much longer. The time between maintenance is quite literally once in a blue moon, and the process doesn’t take long at all.

Where to Get Pressure-Treated Fencing

At Mossy Oak Fence Orlando, our pine fences are pressure-treated with the finest quality preservatives to give you the best there is. Call us today for a free estimate!