Routed vs. Bracketed Fences

Fences can be installed a number of ways, two of the most common ways being the routed method and with metal bracket reinforcement. The folks at Mossy Oak Orlando want to help you understand the differences between the two so you can have an idea of how you would like your own fencing to be installed. No matter the style you prefer, we can do it all!

Routed Fencing

This style of fence comes with no screws or nails attached. Rather, the posts themselves have holes cut into them so that the perpendicular poles are snapped into the open space, sometimes with the support of lock rings. This method offers a clean look due to minimal material being utilized. This may be a more desired option for those looking to prioritize form over function.

The benefits of routed fencing:

  • Looks sleek
  • Easier installation
  • Less expensive

Bracketed Fencing

This installation method involves the use of metal brackets to hold each post in place. This ensures greater durability against the elements and anything else that might come your way. Some metal brackets are designed to be wide enough to offer the post greater protection against rot, wear, and tear.

The benefits of bracketed fencing:

  • Sturdier
  • More protection
  • Longer-lasting

Which One Do I Choose?

The right method for you depends on what you hope to accomplish with your yard. If you’re looking to be stylish and have a pretty yard to brag about, then routed fencing may be better for you with its seamless, bracket-free design. If you’d rather have a tough, functional backyard that can withstand the forces of nature, then the durability of bracket-enforced fencing would be more up your alley.

Still Not Sure? Let Us Help You!

The experts at Mossy Oak Orlando know everything there is to know about excellent fencing, so if you’re still not sure whether or not to go with routed or bracketed fencing then let us help you decide on what works best for you. We’ll be able to go into greater detail and make things more clear to aid you in your decision. You’ll be using your new fence for some time to come, so you want to make sure you know exactly what you want!

Once you know enough to make an informed decision, we can provide you with the type of fence you desire. We have various styles of wooden, vinyl, and metal fences to fit your wants and needs, and we even do custom work in case you had something a little more creative in mind. Call us today to discuss the limitless options!