Seven Ways to Add Functionality to Your Backyard

All around the world, backyards are taken for granted. They’re used as storage space, abandoned, never to be thought of again. It’s time to turn that around with an extreme makeover that’ll have you eager to use that forgotten stretch of land like the day you first moved in. Your friends at Mossy Oak Orlando will help you go over the countless possibilities.

1. Clear the Way for Opportunity

Cleaning up your yard on its own is enough to bring functionality to your backyard even if you don’t do anything with the space afterward. Walking out onto a wide, open lawn releases happy chemicals in your brain from seeing the satisfaction of refined nature. By simply getting rid of old or unused tools and recreational equipment, you’re creating a more pleasant living space. Picking up dead plants and other various debris also makes a huge difference. Really think about tossing what you don’t need, even if it’s that dusty kiddie pool that you swear you’ll fix up one day. Once you completely clear up your backyard, you can finally consider some of the more beneficial possibilities like the ones listed below.

2. Become Self-Sustainable with a Green Thumb

A common backyard activity that people absolutely love is creating and tending to their very own garden. The variety of plants that you’re able to grow is vast and up to your imagination. You can grow fruits and vegetables to support your homemade cooking. Herbs are also a great way to spice things up a little. If you’re a vegetarian, you may never have to go to the grocery store again if you play your cards right. If you’re more of a floral person, you can add an entire rainbow to your yard with a colorful variety of flowers that you can pick at your leisure to decorate your house or use as gifts.

3. Build the Ultimate Social Space

With the right furniture and equipment, you can proudly invite friends and family over for a great time. A pool is a popular choice for summer parties, or a hot tub for winter gatherings. For added entertainment, try your hand at barbecuing or bartending with outdoor setups that’ll have people impressed. A fire pit is also a universally-loved touch to any great social space. If you want to create a more kid-friendly zone, the little ones would go crazy over some playground equipment or a nice treehouse. No matter your ideal social environment, don’t forget to line your fence with proper lighting to keep the fun going after dark.

4. Coax in the Local Wildlife

Bring all the birds to the yard by lining your fence with all the birdhouses and bird feeders you can fit. You can even create a play area along the fence to keep squirrels occupied. Don’t forget to leave them some nuts as an incentive to try out the playground you build for them. If you want some more low-maintenance animals, try out a beautiful koi pond. On the contrary, you can host a doggy daycare by filling your yard with all kinds of toys and activities that’ll wear out even the most hyper canine.

5. Make Way for Some “You” Time

Your backyard doesn’t need to be designed for company. It’s your backyard, after all. Create a quiet, relaxing space that you can retreat to after a long day. If you love to read, put out a comfortable chair (preferably one that rocks or reclines) and set a small table beside it for your drink and some snacks. Place your reading area under a tree or umbrella for some shade during the hotter days. For more artsy people, you can set up an easel and small cabinet for all your equipment. That way you don’t need to carry everything outside when inspiration strikes. For added relaxation, you can practice yoga and meditation in your clear, quiet space.

6. Book a Spa Day at Your Own Backyard

If you have the money and the patience, you can build an impressive spa in your very own backyard. A decent facility would include a sauna, hot bath, outdoor shower, and a lounge area to top it all off. High privacy fencing is a must-have for this option, along with sleek wooden flooring for aesthetic.

7. Build a Stage for Your YouTube Videos

With a high privacy fence, you basically have the perfect backdrop for all your videos. You can decorate your backdrop however you want, and you can create multiple sceneries across your yard so your viewers don’t get tired of the exact same stage every time. Create a fun, interesting environment that your fans will begin to recognize as their own comfort space when they’re indulging in your content.

No matter what you plan to use your backyard for, Mossy Oak Orlando will help you choose the perfect fence for the job. Give us a call today to discuss the possibilities!