Should I Fence in My Front Yard?

Homeowners love installing fences around the outside of their property. It’s an instant way to establish boundaries, contain children and pets, and add property value. Most commonly, you will find fencing around the back of a home, but that is changing! Just like your backyard Oasis, there are benefits to fencing in your front yard as well. The front yard space is significantly underutilized as we tend to spend most of our time in the backyard. Containment is key. You don’t want toddlers or Labradors running into the street from the front yard. You want a sense of privacy, security, and relaxation. Lots are becoming smaller and smaller, and we must make use of the space we have available. Particularly with all of the extra time we’ve had at home lately. All the reasons why there is a growing trend of fencing front yards, and many Florida communities are now encouraging it. If you are questioning whether or not you should fence your front yard, consider the following reasons 


A fence around your front yard will allow you to control the foot traffic near your home. It will contain your pets and children, but it will also keep unwanted visitors away. Fencing off your front yard and thus creating an additional barrier to your front door will discourage unwanted intruders. A front yard fence can decrease robbery because there is an additional barrier they will have to get through. It keeps unwanted visitors on the outside. 

Curb Appeal

Front yard fences are charming and so easily invoke the feeling of the “American” dream. A house with a white picket fence has often been referred to as the perfect home. A fence around your front yard will increase your curb appeal instantly. You may simply choose to fence around your flowerbeds, line your curb, or enclose other features of your yard. Even these minor updates can add increased property value and curb appeal. 


Both a 100-acre farm and a home in a crowded neighborhood will benefit from established property lines. Installing a fence around your property’s perimeter, including the front and side spaces, will provide a clear boundary to protect your property. A front yard fence will eliminate people damaging your beautiful landscaped lawn by preventing them from getting near it. 


Similar to that relaxing space you’ve created in the backyard, the front yard can become an oasis for you as well. A front yard fence will provide insulation from the road, traffic noise, and people walking by. It will provide privacy as you enjoy a space that would otherwise go unused. You may find yourself enjoying the time in your front yard when you have a privacy fence that will insulate you from the world outside your home. 

Mossy Oak 

To increase curb appeal, and to provide privacy and boundaries. These are all great reasons to consider adding a fence to your home today. Call us today with your questions and ideas about putting a fence in your front yard. We will partner you with our friendly design experts, who will make sure you maximize all the potential space you have in your yard! Contact us today at (407) 972-0726 to get a free estimate for your project!