Should I Fence My Rental Property?

As the owner of a rental property, does it benefit you in any way to install a fence? From the initial house listing to caring for your tenants, a fence can do a lot to keep everyone happy. Mossy Oak Fence Orlando is here to teach you why you should fence your rental property.

Get An Edge on the Housing Market

If you’ve ever searched for a home to rent, you probably skipped over houses that didn’t have a fence around their yard. There are many reasons why anyone would pass up a fenceless home, most of them reasonable.

Stand Out in the Listings

A fence should come standard for a home. When a listing shows a bare house, one can’t help but question the owner’s sense of responsibility. What else could possibly be wrong with the house if the owner doesn’t even want to install a fence? And while a regular fence is to be expected, you can give yourself a major advantage over other listings by installing a stunning fence that looks more exciting than your typical wooden picket fence.

Expand Your Demographic

For tenants who have families or pets (which includes most of your customer base), a fence is an absolute necessity. From their perspective, without a fence around their yard, it would be impossible to let their children or animals outside without being extremely worried for their safety. A quality fence provides privacy while keeping your tenants’ loved ones safe within the bounds of the property.

Happy Tenants = Good Business

Many tenants of rental properties tend to leave when they feel like their landlord is not providing a decent place to live. Your tenants can enjoy a high-quality fence that’ll keep them happy and willing to stick around. Even if they do decide to leave for other reasons, they’ll be more likely to refer a friend or family member after having a wonderful experience in a safe and beautiful home.

More Money in Your Wallet

While you may be hesitant to spend money on a fence at a property where you’re not personally living yourself, you’ll be glad to know that your fence could practically pay for itself. Once you install a fence, you can use that as a valid reason to increase the price of your monthly rent. This is because fences add value to your home, so a higher rent is completely justified. And since the fence will technically be considered an expense for an improvement to your rental property, you can write it off your taxes as such. By combining the higher property value with the savings on your taxes, your fence will no doubt be worth the investment.

Improve Your Rental Property with Mossy Oak Fence Orlando!

At Mossy Oak Fence Orlando, we have the best quality fences in the area and in many different materials and styles. There’s no limit to the kind of fence that we can create, so let your imagination run wild! No matter what kind of fence you choose, it’ll be sure to add much appeal to your rental property. Call us today at (407) 900-2940 to get started on a free estimate!