The 3 Types Of Vinyl Fence Styles, Compared

When did vinyl fences become the new go-to for smart property owners? Vinyl fencing (also referred to as PVC fencing) sets the bar for what is now expected in the standard fence experience. To help you find the best choice for your property, take a moment to review the 3 types of vinyl fence styles before reaching out to Mossy Oak Fence Orlando as your trusted fence company near you!

Picket Vinyl Fences – Today’s Take On A Timeless Classic

If it’s your first time getting a vinyl fence, a good way to ease into it is by going with a familiar picket-style setup. It will look similar to your traditional wooden picket fence but with a heavy upgrade! But why not just paint your average wooden fence to achieve a similar look to that of a brand-new vinyl fence? You’ll get all of the added benefits like increased durability and low maintenance. When budgeting for a new fence, the vinyl picket style is often recommended to offer better protection at a lower cost for fewer materials.

Popular vinyl picket fence styles:

  • Ornamental
  • Jamestown
  • Madison
  • Monroe
  • Vernon

Privacy Vinyl Fences – Getting The Complete Vinyl Experience

From our experience, the most popular type of vinyl fence is undoubtedly the privacy vinyl fence. Many people argue that privacy fences are the best way to get the most out of the benefits of vinyl that you can’t achieve with wood or metal. A perfect example is the fact that vinyl privacy panels can be made with zero seams for full privacy. Even if you go with a wooden privacy fence, there will always be a gap here and there because of the nature of the material. Vinyl privacy fences are also great for sound-dampening and longevity with low maintenance.

Popular vinyl privacy fence styles:

  • Classic
  • Cambridge
  • Lattice Top
  • Spindle Top
  • SimTek EcoStone
  • Woodgrain

Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fences – Not Just For The Indecisive

The best part about vinyl is that it can be molded into practically any shape. This is great news for creative homeowners who want to stray from the ordinary. Semi-privacy vinyl fences are the best style for trendy homes, including designs like Outer Banks or the Classic Shadowbox. These styles are also completely functional! You can still achieve a high level of privacy while still having the freedom of a picket-style fence. The best way to discover your perfect semi-privacy vinyl fence is to find a reputable fence company near you with an extensive catalog.

For an intriguing selection of trendy and sophisticated vinyl fences near you, Mossy Oak Fence is the place to go for quality products and expert installation!

Let Mossy Oak Fence Find Your Perfect Vinyl Fence Style!

At Mossy Oak Fence Orlando, we take pride in offering a vast selection of vinyl fences in every style. Whether you need a picket, privacy, or semi-privacy vinyl fence, we have a comprehensive selection of various styles from the fun and quirky to the elegant and refined. Call our friendly staff today at (407) 900-2940 to ask about our catalog and to receive a free quote on your next installation!