The Benefits of an Aluminum Fence

Advancements in the manufacturing and design of aluminum fences have made them so popular, they have been the top seller in recent years. It is no surprise, aluminum is strong, reliable, cost-effective, and requires very little maintenance. Competitive with all of the classic choices, there’s a reason why aluminum is now sold more often than wood or iron. Here are some of the benefits of choosing an aluminum fence product for your home.


The most challenging aspect of fence installation is to ensure its stability in the ground, allowing for changes in the earth. Aluminum fences are assembled with fasteners, allowing them to be adjusted to fit your landscape. Regardless of the yard’s slope, an aluminum fence can be built to accommodate it. In the event of damage, individual components and sections can be replaced, eliminating the need to cut out whole sections of fence that would need to be re-welded, primed, and painted. Another advantage aluminum fences have over other materials is the ability to rack (no stair-stepping) over sloped surfaces, creating total stability at the bottom of the fence (no gapping).


Look no further; Mossy Oak offers a fantastic selection of aluminum fence designs and finishes. They are so many beautiful choices that show off, like the elaborate iron designs we are used to, but made with better materials. The three rail flat top aluminum fences are the most popular we sell here at Mossy Oak because it’s a familiar and classic design. We also offer the following aluminum fence styles; Close Spaced Picket, Flat Top Puppy Picket, Flat Top Spear, Staggered Spear top, and the traditional Spear top. We can custom order and design anything hour customers have in mind in addition to these styles. The possibilities with aluminum fencing options are endless. Having such a diverse selection of products is a benefit of choosing an aluminum fence. 


Home improvement projects are usually all about the budget. Aluminum fences are an economical choice for any homeowner. It looks as gorgeous and impressive as others but is priced considerably less. Call us today to compare quotes between aluminum fences and some of the other materials we offer. You will find that aluminum fence pricing is quite economical and can be thousands of dollars less than a similar design in different materials. 

Low-Maintenance: Aluminum fencing is made with a powder paint coating during manufacturing. This process fuses the paint to the metal surface, keeping it looking new for years. They last for decades without showing wear. Other than an occasional spray down with a hose, the maintenance on aluminum is as easy as it gets. 


Aluminum is not vulnerable to corrosion like iron, and it will not rust. It will never fade or rot. Moisture or sunlight won’t be a concern because it’s unlikely to cause damage to an aluminum fence. Ice, hail, rain, snow, and even termites cannot hurt an aluminum fence. You can be sure you are getting your money’s worth with aluminum!

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Decorative aluminum fences have grown in popularity over the last decade, making it easy to understand why. Simple low maintenance, a variety of design and customization choices, and long-term durability (even against the Florida sun and rain!) are some of the many benefits of choosing aluminum for your home or other property. If you select aluminum, you will have peace of mind knowing that your investment will withstand environmental elements and age beautifully. There is no question that aluminum is a cost-effective and attractive choice for your new fence. Here at Mossy Oak Fence, our experts can guide you and answer any questions you may have about aluminum fences. Serving the Greater Orlando and Central Florida areas, we are pleased to be your choice for custom fence designs and solutions. Give us a call today! (407) 972-0726.