The Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

When you hear “vinyl fencing” what do you think of? If affordable, versatile, and variety comes to mind, you’d be right! Vinyl fencing is a great alternative to wood or wrought iron due to its durability and practicality. From various colors and textures to a long lifespan, vinyl fencing is becoming increasingly popular for residential and commercial spaces alike. Not sure if vinyl fencing is for you? Let’s take a look at some of the best benefits of installing vinyl fencing. (Trust us, by the end you’ll be sold!)

Minimal Maintenance

One of the best parts of having vinyl fencing is that if it’s dirty, it can easily be cleaned with a hose. Truly, it hardly requires much maintenance at all and retains its color, so you won’t have to worry about stains or repainting like you would with a wooden fence.


Vinyl fencing is about FIVE times stronger than wood. Yep, you read that right—five times stronger! It will also last for decades since it won’t absorb moisture, blister, or rot. So if you like the look of wood, consider choosing textured vinyl as an alternative!


If you live in an area with harsh winds, and rain ( hello, Florida hurricane season) the flexibility that vinyl offers helps it stay standing through inclement weather.


Vinyl is one of the most affordable fencing options. When you take into account the maintenance or lack thereof, vinyl is the way to go! You won’t need to pay for paint, stain, or pest treatments. Plus, you won’t have to think about replacing your fence for a very long time. Yes!

Easy Installation

Vinyl fencing is easy to install as most of the pieces will slide and lock into place. Even on the professional level, the installation of a vinyl fence will generally be lower than fencing such as wrought iron or other heavy fencing material.


You can purchase vinyl fencing in a variety of different styles, from tall privacy fences to more ornamental or post-and-rail varieties. You’re sure to find a vinyl fence design that will fit your home’s aesthetics. Most vinyl fences are only available in white or tan, but if you have been considering a wood fence, you can find vinyl that mimics a wooden appearance, but with low maintenance!


Unlike wrought iron fences, vinyl fencing can offer complete privacy. One-piece panels are available, which will eliminate the spacing in between individual posts. Vinyl is perfect for pool enclosures, backyards, and even perimeter fences to hide dumpsters or equipment. You can install a vinyl fence that is six to eight feet high, which is tall enough to ensure privacy, and keep any unwanted visitors out!

Vinyl Fencing from Mossy Oak Fence

With numerous vinyl fencing styles to choose from, Mossy Oak Fence can create a custom fence unique to YOU! We only carry the best quality materials, so you can rest assured that your vinyl fence will never warp, splinter, or fade. What are you waiting for?! Ready to install a vinyl fence on your property? Give Mossy Oak Fence a call to schedule a fence design consultation: (407) 972-1064