Trends in Fencing

Fencing is an important part of your property and can add beautiful curb appeal to any yard. Whether you are looking to improve the look of your property or are hoping to boost security, fencing is great! There are a lot of options to choose from when selecting a fence to fit your design aesthetic, and keeping an eye on various trends can help you choose a style that would work for your property. Here are some popular fencing trends to consider for your home or commercial fencing project:

Wood Alternatives

Wood is the most popular fencing material, however, vinyl and composite fencing materials are becoming more popular nowadays. While beautiful, wooden fences can be susceptible to termite damage, warping, and rot. Wood alternative fences are easier to maintain and are eco-friendly too! Don’t want to give up the look of wood? There are vinyl fencing options that look pretty close to natural wood, and will last longer!

Dark Fence Colors

Move over white picket fences… there’s a new fence style in town! Darker fence colors such as navy blue, dark shades of gray, deep greens, and black are stepping towards the forefront of fence design. These darker colors allow the other design elements in your yard, such as patio furniture and landscaping to pop. Rather than overwhelming the landscape, these darker colors blend into the background and are quite elegant in appearance. Bonus: darker fencing doesn’t need to be cleaned as often!

Choose from painted wooden fencing, vinyl, or wrought iron fencing in these dark colors to make a statement in 2021!

Art Deco Style

While the Mid-Century style has seen quite the resurgence in the past few years, the Art Deco style is gaining in popularity as well. You will see the Art Deco style brought to life with metal fence and gate designs with intricate geometric shapes throughout.


A fence isn’t just a security feature, it can be a showpiece or a backdrop for your outdoor living space. Ultra-modern fencing with lighting, plants, and other unique accents are moving towards the forefront. Look out for a continued increase in horizontal and metal fencing in the vein of ultra-modern style.

Solid Privacy Fences

We all want more privacy and security while at home, which is why solid privacy fencing solutions are very popular. These fences look more like a wall than a fence because they don’t have any gaps between the pickets like a traditional fence has. Solid privacy fences aren’t boring, they can be both upscale and decorative while adding in the perk of enhanced security.

Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fences never go out of style, due to their elegance and versatility. With classic lines, a wrought iron fence can fit any architectural aesthetic and blends in well with any landscape design. From modern, to more traditional there is a wrought iron fence for you! Plus, at Mossy Oak Fence, we can design a seamless gate system to add more security to your property.

Stay On-Trend with Mossy Oak Fence

At Mossy Oak Fence, we can create a custom artisan fence to fit your unique needs and design aesthetic. We are proud to be the one-stop-shop in the Greater Orlando and Central Florida areas for custom fence designs and solutions. Have an idea for a custom fence for your property? If you can draw it, we can build it! Give us a call today! (407) 972-0726