What Are The Best Fences For Protecting Young Kids?

Monitoring your children at every minute of the day can be exhausting, and it’s not always doable if you have chores that need tending to. But leaving your kids alone in the backyard can be too scary to even consider with all the possible dangers that can arise. With the right fence, you can feel better about letting your young ones roam free outside while you get some work done or if you simply want time to yourself. The experts at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando will show you the best fences for protecting young kids!

Qualities of a Kid-Friendly Fence

What makes for a child-safe fence anyway? Wouldn’t any fence do? Kids are adventurous and daring, so there’s no telling what kind of situations they’ll get into. You also need to consider the possibility of strangers from the other side trying to interact with them. For the best protection for your children, your fence should have these qualities:

  • No climbable leverage for kids to escape
  • No gaps large enough for kids or objects to slip through
  • No gaps large enough for strangers to peek inside
  • No hazards like points or splinters

You’d be surprised at the many ways that fences can protect your family. And while following this list may seem like your options are limited, there are actually many functional and attractive fence styles that provide kids with the safety they need to live carefreely.

Don’t Forget the Pool!

Many pool-related accidents happen when children are left unattended. Consider a pool fence to surround that particular area of your yard and keep it closed off while children are not being actively watched.

Vinyl Privacy Fences: The #1 Choice

If you’re looking to check all the boxes, vinyl privacy fences provide everything you need for a kid-friendly border. They leave no gaps for peeking or squeezing through, there’s no leverage for children to use for scaling, there are no sharp parts to get hurt on, and vinyl doesn’t splinter. It’s no wonder that privacy fences are best for children’s play areas. It’s almost as if vinyl fences were made specifically with kids in mind!

Close Space Aluminum Fences

For those who prefer the look and durability of an aluminum fence, the close space style is made with smaller gaps so that children and objects are unlikely to pass through. Metal is also slippery, and there’s nothing else to grab onto so you don’t have to worry about them climbing over. Even so, you can opt for a flat top just in case so they won’t get hurt by any spikes.

Stockade Wooden Privacy Fences

There are still child-safe options for wooden fences if you value the traditional look and cost-effectiveness of this classic fencing material. Stockade privacy fences are a prime example since the close, flat boards leave no room for escape or wandering eyes. The board-on-board style also shares these traits. And if you go with pressure-treated pine, you’re less likely to worry about possible splinters.

Get Kid-Friendly Fences In Orlando!

For the best selection of high-quality fences that can protect young kids, contact the friendly staff at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando! We have many styles to choose from that you will absolutely love as you’ll be able to relax while your kids play in the yard safely. Call (407) 900-2940 for a free quote!