What Are The Best Types Of Fences For Hot Climates?

If you’ve ever been frustrated with getting a fence only to have it completely wear out in a couple of years due to intense Florida weather, you might be looking for a better alternative to your traditional fence styles and materials. Thankfully, you won’t have to look far for fences that can stand up to hot climates because Mossy Oak Fence Orlando has you covered!

The Best Choice? Vinyl, Hands Down

Ask anyone and they’ll probably tell you that vinyl fences are the best kind for hot climates, but why is that? You might think that anything made of plastic would easily warp and crack in the sunlight, but that’s not necessarily true if you hire a company that supplies high-quality vinyl and expert installation. Some of the benefits that vinyl fences can bring you when faced with hot climates include:

  • A longer-than-average lifespan
  • Resistance to warping and cracking from the sun
  • An immunity to moisture and water damages
  • Minimal color fade

Going For A Traditional Look? Vinyl Is Still A Great Option!

Some people who prefer the cozy allure of classic wooden fences or any other natural elements can still find something they like in expansive vinyl fence catalogs that feature unique styles. Vinyl compounds can be made in a variety of colors including wood grain patterns and tones. Vinyl can even be shaped and colored to look like stone walls!

Chain Link Fences Are Resilient In Hot Climates

For a more cost-effective option that’s appropriate for both public and residential properties, chain link fences are a great value for your dollar because they do well in holding their integrity in hot climates. The wire stays strong and resilient despite having exposure to direct sunlight, and you can equip them with extra protection in the form of a vinyl coating that can come in a variety of colors for a fun and attractive appeal. You can expect your chain link fence to stand the test of time with its flexible charm.

Need Something Tougher? Try Aluminum!

If you want the durability of metal but chain link fences aren’t your thing, you might like the look and functionality of aluminum fencing. Powder-coated aluminum is especially resistant to the effects of nature, including issues that typically arise from hot climates. While wrought iron fences may rust when frequently exposed to a combination of heat and moisture until science runs its course, you won’t have to worry about this occurrence ever happening with powder-coated aluminum fences from a reputable fencing company in the area.

Call Mossy Oak Fence For Florida-Friendly Fences!

We’ve been serving the people of Florida for many years, and so we understand the importance of long-lasting fences that do great in hot climates. For premium fences that can hold up to intense heat, be sure to call Mossy Oak Fence Orlando at (407) 900-2940 to speak with our friendly staff! We’ll tell you everything you want to know about our products and give you a free estimate for your next installation.