What Is the Sturdiest Fence Style for Storm Season?

Being in Florida, storms and the chaos that follows is all too common. Unfortunately, fences are a regular casualty during these intense weather conditions. But by consulting the professionals at Mossy Oak Orlando, you can learn which styles of fencing are the sturdiest during storm season so you can take shelter knowing that your yard has a better chance of staying rooted to see another day.

Trellis-Style Fencing

Who said trellis fences were only for style? You’d be surprised to know that this type of fence is actually very effective in withstanding high winds because of the consistent gaps that are placed throughout. These holes allow air to pass through with minimal resistance which means less chance of the fence receiving most of the blow and either breaking or being pulled out of the ground in response.

Wooden Picket Fences

Even if you have a traditional wood picket fence, the same concept holds true. The gaps between each plank make room for air to pass through unhindered and therefore leaving the fence nearly unharmed. In the case of rainfall, pressure-treated wood can shield against moisture which can lead to rot and other structural issues, including insect bites.

Wire Mesh Fences

As far as appearances go, wired mesh fencing may not be your first choice for your lovely home. But if you don’t mind that, or if you own a different type of property where this style is more appropriate, then this is actually one of the best choices for taking on stormy weather. The design of mesh fences provides the least amount of wind resistance as it’s mostly made up of holes, and the metal makeup is more likely to handle moisture without losing its integrity. This being the case, powder-treated aluminum fencing is especially effective against rust and erosion caused by wet environments.

Powder-Treated Aluminum Fences

No matter the style, powder-treated aluminum fencing is practically foolproof against storms. This is because the material is mixed with a component that’s specifically made for repelling moisture and thus preventing rust and other deteriorating effects that untreated fences tend to suffer from. That, and aluminum on its own is already formidable against high winds since they’re typically cemented into the ground. Even metal fences that are installed in soil or gravel are incredibly sturdy.

Any Vinyl Fencing

Although picket, semi-privacy, and metal fences are ideal for handling high winds, any type of vinyl fence is still able to handle the air current to a degree. This is because not only are vinyl fences built to be durable, but their composition also gives them a sort of flexibility that allows them to bend back and forth without breaking, at least more so than other materials. This means that even your privacy vinyl fence stands a chance against stormy weather.

Choose From the Sturdiest Fences at Mossy Oak Fence Orlando!

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