Which Fences Are the Most Affordable?

We know your fence does an important job. That’s why you invest in one! You want to keep your yard safe and secure, and your pets and children contained. When shopping for a fence, you will want to balance all your priorities: your style, your budget, and the primary reason for fencing. We would be happy to show you many beautiful luxury lines, but there are also great affordable fencing markets on the market. 

On average, a budget fence costs 35 to 40% less than deluxe fence alternatives in materials like vinyl and aluminum. While we can only provide pricing for each project, you’re sure to get a deal! There are many reasons why your home improvement budget might run slim, or perhaps you are looking to make improvements on a rental property or a home you won’t live in forever. Whatever the reason, you can be sure to find an affordable option that you like here at Mossy Oak. Remember, you can always call us with a custom idea or specific budget.

At Mossy Oak Orlando fencing company, we want to offer various price points to our customer base. Here are our top 2 budget-friendly fencing options.

1. Galvanized Chain-Link Fences

There is a reason you see chain-link fences everywhere. Chain-link fences have been the most popular economical fence choice for years. This type of fencing is one of the most cost-efficient ways to secure any residential or commercial property. It’s incredibly durable and customizable. We offer both galvanized steel and vinyl coated chain link fencing for a more attractive appearance with the same great functionality.

2. Field Fencing

This traditional wooden fence style is one of the best options to provide coverage for your yard at an entry-level price point. This budget fence features vertical posts connected by horizontal rails and can be outfitted with wire mesh to make it more secure. This design keeps the cost low by using fewer materials than other fences while providing solid security and safety, plus a sleek look, depending on design choices.

We understand that great customer service means that we must help you find the perfect product, and help you fit it into your home improvement budget. Call us today with your fence ideas and we will partner you with our friendly design experts, who will make sure you get what you need. Contact us today at (407) 972-0726 to get a free estimate for your project at Mossy Oak of Tampa Bay!